Every kid dreams of being an astronaut.


As children, our young minds are fascinated by the idea that there are grown-ups whose job it is to be strapped into a rocket and blasted into space, where they spend time floating around in the International Space Station carrying out cool science experiments and going to the toilet in zero gravity.

Of course the reality is that the path to being an astronaut likely involves a stint in the airforce followed by rigorous training, learning Russian and going under the microscope as scientists attempt to work out the longterm effects of radiation and bone deterioration on the human body.

But we can still dream, right?!

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins is during a spacewalk on the International Space Station, 28 February 2021. Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

When Halloween comes around again or whenever a fancy dress party is lurking on the horizon, an astronaut costume is perhaps the closest many of us will get to ever being an spacefarer.

Astronaut costumes come in lots of different varieties, from inflatable ones to realistic NASA replicas and, of course, astronaut costumes for kids.

Below is a selection of some of the best astronaut costumes available online for Halloween or for fancy dress parties.

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Best astronaut costumes

Astronaut costumes for adults


Aeromax Adult Astronaut Suit

Aeromax Adult Astronaut Suit

When it comes to selecting an astronaut costume, most of us are probably going to be on the lookout for an endorsed NASA replica, complete with embroidered NASA logo and commander patch.

This astronaut costume from Aeromax Toys fits the bill, and is available in women’s as well and men’s fit, in orange or white.

It also features multiple zip pockets and comes with a matching NASA cap, making this a good option for those after a more realistic costume to wear to star parties or spaceflight and astronomy conferences.


Bodysocks Inflatable Astronaut Costume

Bodysocks Inflatable Astronaut Costume

At the other end of the astronaut costume spectrum is this rather silly but fun inflatable space suit for adults. It features a battery-operated fan that inflates the costume without the need for huffing and puffing. All you need to do is step into the costume, pull up the zip, flick the switch and it inflates around you.

It is worth noting, however, that 4 x AA batteries are required to operate the fan, and these are not included with the suit. Nevertheless, this is the sort of costume that would work well for stag and hen dos, as well as Halloween and fancy dress parties.


Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit

This astronaut costume from Halloween Costumes features a front zipper, embroidered patches, false pockets and vertical zippers on the trouser cuffs to enable them to expand over boots.


Astronaut costume in orange, white or blue

astronaut costume orange white blue

This astronaut costume is a good option for those on a budget and comes in orange, white or blue, in sizes and fittings for both men and women.


FancyDress astronaut costumes

FancyDress men womens astronaut costume

These astronaut costumes from FancyDress come in orange and white and are fitted for both women and men. The jumpsuits feature front zips and a NASA-style logo.

Astronaut costumes for kids


Great Pretenders astronaut costume

scandiborn kids astronaut costume

An astronaut jumpsuit for kids featuring an embroidered space badge and a name tag, which also comes with a matching hat. The full suit is aimed at kids aged between 4-6 years.


ESA licensed astronaut costume for kids

esa kids astronaut suit

If you're more interested in flying the spaceflight flag for Europe, this kids' licensed European Space Agency astronaut jumpsuit is for you.

It comes with an official ESA logo, a patch on which you can write your name, and a choice of 4 flag patches (France, UK, Germany or Italy).


NASA Junior astronaut suit

kids nasa astronaut costume

A white astronaut jumpsuit for kids, featuring embroidered NASA and Commander patches, colourful strips and front zip pouches, great for school fancy dress parties or for constructing your own make-believe International Space Station at home.

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nasa kids astronaut costumes

Unsurprisingly, the NASA online shop is a great place to get a range of kids' astronaut costumes in different sizes, colours and styles.

Head over to the shop to browse the full range.