The beauty of space is undeniable.


From the arc of the Milky Way across a dark sky, to the gentle colours of a nebula, the magnificence of the cosmos is on display in all directions.

For centuries, artists have been inspired to capture the splendour of the night sky in poems and paintings, but it’s often the sparkle and shine of jewellery that can capture it best.

Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself to accessorise your wardrobe, or looking for a beautiful space themed gift for a loved one, we have something to suit you.

And don’t worry.

While there are many great space items made from platinum and encrusted with diamond which have a correspondingly astronomical price tag, these options are all affordable

Here we list some of our favourite space jewellery that capture the night sky.

Best space jewellery

Space necklaces

Glass bead planet necklace

A red bead suspended in a glass marble pendant

This necklace uses swirling colours and beads to capture the orbit of a planet spiralling against the backdrop of a nebula, trapping it in a large glass marble.

The 3D design means you get a different look from every angle and lighting situation, and there are dozens of different designs to choose from.

The pendant is specially strengthened to increase durability, and is hung from a chord.

Comes with a stunning blue presentation box, with a built in light to help show off the bead at its best, making this a great space themed gift.

Bracelet versions are also available.

Orbiter Space Shuttle necklace

When you get this stunning necklace, you’ll be counting down the days until it arrives.

The focal point of the necklace is the ceramic space shuttle pendant, carefully painted to highlight the details of its windows and wings.

The central part of the chain (which is available in both gold and silver plate) is made from twinkling stars, while the part that rests against your neck is a sturdy chain that won’t rub and irritate your skin.

Comes in a gift box, ready to give out as a present – either to a fellow space enthusiast, or to yourself.

JWST necklace

Pay homage to the new gold-standard of space telescopes, with this JWST necklace made by Cepheid Studios.

The main pendant, laser cut from acrylic, depicts the 18 segments of JWST’s mirror, and backed with gold foil to emulate its reflecting surface.

This is then mounted on a silver plated chain and presented in a gift box, and the seller can write a gift message if you want to send it directly to the recipient.

Matching earrings, cufflinks and pin badges are also available, as are other telescopes.

Space earrings

Moon earrings with stars

A star twinkles from within the crescent of the Moon in these silver dangle earrings.

Made from solid sterling silver, inset with high quality cubic zirconia gems, these earrings sparkle like the night sky they aim to emulate.

The crescents are around 17mm high, and suspended beneath hook earrings.

The simple design means they can be used for many occasions, both formal and casual.

They come packaged in a black jewellery gift box, making them a perfect space themed gift or present for all occasions.

Rose gold rocket stud earrings

Prepare for blast off with these rocket earrings.

These studs are made from 925 sterling silver, plated over with 18K rose gold to give a fun retro copper look (but without risking turning your ears green!).

The porthole is represented by a blue cubic zirconia, which winks out from the rocket’s body.

As they measure a diminutive 8mm long, these are small enough to wear for everyday use but refined enough for special occasions.

Or they could make a great space gift for kids with pierced ears.

Just a Phase brass Moon earrings

The waxing and waning of the Moon is a reliable sight in our night sky, but with these drop earrings they could also be part of your wardrobe.

The phases of the Moon are cut out of the slim brass oval, which measures 5cm long ­– but don’t worry – they are super lightweight, so they won’t pull on your ears.

The posts and backs are made from stainless steel for those with sensitive skin.

The design is sleek enough for when you want to dress up, but simple enough if for a more casual look as well.

Space bracelets

Solar System bracelet

A series of beads represent all eight major planets (sorry Pluto!), as well as the Moon while speckled black beads around them represent the star strewn sky in this charming bracelet.

The beads are all made from natural stones that resemble the planet’s they are meant to be – striped Tiger’s Eye represents the bands of Jupiter, while a gold coloured ring surrounds the yellow agate of Saturn.

These are strung on a robust chord that’s knotted so it can be adjust to fit your wrist, though those with large wrists may find it rather snug even when fully expanded.

Rocket and astronaut friendship bracelet

This bracelet features either an astronaut or a rocket charm on a knotted cord loop, which can be adjusted to fit your wrist.

As well as being able to choose the charm you can also pick from one of 29 colours for the string, for that personalised touch.

CharmingDesignCrafts has several other astronaut charm designs available.

Galaxy blue and star Murano charm

Blue Murano glass flecked with white captures the beauty of the night sky in this Pandora charm.

The edges of the bead is surrounded by sterling silver stars, which are cut out, allowing you to see into the bead’s translucent depths.

The perfect addition to any space lover’s charm collection.

Space rings

Astronomical sphere fidget ring

When worn on your finger, this just looks like an ordinary ring.

But when you take it off, it expands out to make a tiny armillary sphere – a historical astronomical tool that used rings to represent the lines of longitude and latitude.

The unique design means it can be used as a space themed fidget toy, which many people use to help improve concentration and attentiveness, as well as managing anxiety.

Is available in multiple sizes and in a gold or silver finish.

Muonionalustra meteorite ring

Keep a piece of a shooting star on your hand at all times with this ring that’s inset with a slice of Muonionalusta meteorite.

The meteorite has been etched to bring out the Widmanstätten pattern, the geometric arrangement of iron crystals created as they slowly cool in the depths of space.

This is then covered with a thin layer of white gold to stop it from oxidising and maintain its shine.

Each ring is hand crafted from sterling silver, with an adjustable back to ensure a snug fit on your finger.

Once in a Blue Moon Ring with Apollo 11 material

This hand crafted ring by Bespoke Space contains genuine metal from the Apollo 11 mission, as well as lunar meteorites and fragments of other precious stones to create a unique look that resembles the craggy appearance of the Moon.

These are all then set in a special resin which glows blue.

All this is then set into a band made of either titanium, tungsten or black ceramic.

As each ring is custom made, and the material cannot be resized, it’s important you have an accurate US ring size before ordering – most jewellery shops can measure you up, though bear in mind fingers swell when it’s hot and shrink when it’s cold.

It’s also possible to personalise the inside of each ring, for that truly custom touch.

Though more expensive than most of the other items on this list, no two of these rings will be exactly the same, and you’ll be able to carry a piece of history with you everywhere you go.


A variety of space themed rings, fountain pens and other jewellery is also available.


Elizabeth Pearson
Ezzy PearsonScience journalist

Ezzy Pearson is the Features Editor of BBC Sky at Night Magazine. Her first book about the history of robotic planetary landers is out now from The History Press.