Hotshots – Terms and Conditions

Shining in the southern sky, the four bright stars portrayed in the left part of this image represent a useful orientation mark which helps identifying the South Celestial Pole. Because of the rather distinctive asterism they form, these stars have been officially classified as the Crux constellation, or the Southern Cross.  The vast dark cloud, visible in the lower part of the image, is usually referred to as the Coalsack Nebula; it also has a preeminent role in the Australian Aboriginal culture, representing the head of an emu in the traditional constellation of the

Thanks for sending your images to Sky At Night Magazine’s Hotshots competition.


Hotshots is one of the most popular sections of the magazine, so here are a few things to make your submission go smoothly.

Please remember a few things when sending your images to us:

Images that have appeared recently in other astronomy magazines or that have been submitted elsewhere at the same time will not get published in Sky At Night Magazine.

Please notify us if you have submitted your image elsewhere at the same time.

Ideally the images will be the highest resolution that you can send to us. If possible the images should be a minimum of 12cm wide at 300dpi. The bigger the better!

The information we need, as a minimum, for each image is:

  • Your name and the name of the object(s) you’ve imaged.
  • The date the image was taken.
  • The location from which the image was taken and the equipment used.
  • We also like to have two or three lines about why you like the image too.

By submitting a photograph to Hotshots, you grant to Immediate Media Company Bristol Limited a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free licence to use the image submitted in Sky at Night Magazine and other titles published by Immediate Media Company Bristol Limited, and in press and publicity materials for the same.

If you win, we may ask you to take part in reasonable publicity, including but not limited to newspaper and radio media.

If you do not agree with our standard-form Terms and Conditions, please email within 24 hours of your original submission and we will delete your submission email and the images contained on the next working day.

We accept no liability in respect of images used before your withdrawal email is processed by Immediate Media Company Bristol Limited.

That’s it!

All the best,


The Sky At Night Magazine team