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We are hosting a programme of regular online events with fascinating speakers that are available to view globally.

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BBC Sky at Night Magazine Masterclass: Astrophotography Series

Join host and BBC Sky at Night Magazine Editor Chris Bramley for a three-part series of online masterclasses on astrophotography, featuring three expert guests.

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To give you your best start in photographing the night sky, we’re running our first online Masterclass: the Astrophotography Series.

This three-part series of talks will arm you with the knowledge and methods for taking stunning images of the night sky with a smartphone, a DSLR camera and specialist astro cameras.

Whether you’re new to astrophotography or a seasoned imager, there’s always something to learn and our online masterclasses are the perfect way to pick up tips, hints and a raft of skills.

All registrants will also receive a link to view a recording of each Masterclass after it has aired.

You can book each Masterclass individually for £15 or save 20% by booking all three at once.

Masterclass 1

Capture the night sky with your smartphone

Photographing the Moon through a telescope with a smartphone. Credit: m-gucci / Getty Images

Join us to discover how to capture the night sky with your smartphone. We’ll look at suitable targets and top astrophotography apps to try out.

Thursday 23 September, 7pm BST

About the speaker

Tom Kerss

Tom Kerss is an experienced astronomer, podcaster, astrophotographer and author of books on observing the Moon and the science of the Northern Lights.

To buy a copy of Tom’s book, Northern Lights: The Definitive Guide to Auroras, click here.

Masterclass 2

Night sky photography with a DSLR camera

Star trails

Want to turn a DSLR camera to the stars? This is the talk for you. We’ll look at taking nightscapes and star fields, equipment and processing.

Thursday 28 October, 7pm BST

About the speaker

Charlotte Daniels

Charlotte Daniels is an astronomy journalist, DSLR astrophotographer and image processor, and a seasoned equipment reviewer for BBC Sky at Night Magazine.

Masterclass 3

Imaging the deep sky from towns and cities

Whirlpool Galaxy

We’ll look at how you can cut through urban sky glow with a scope and a specialist astro camera, and how to process your images.

Thursday 25 November, 7pm GMT

About the speaker

Peter Jenkins astrophotography

Peter Jenkins is a retired pro photographer and an astro imaging tutor who has been shortlisted in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

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