Observing the Perseids in 2020: join our live webinar


Join us for our very first live online talk, as we look ahead to one of the astronomical calendar’s must-see events, the Perseid meteor shower 2020.

BBC Sky at Night Magazine Perseids webinar

On Friday 7 August at 7pm BST,  Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel will be talking all things meteors as they anticipate the peak of the Perseid meteor shower on 12 August.

We’ll be hosting the event live online, giving you the chance to put questions to the co-presenter of The Sky at Night and the director of the BAA’s Mercury & Venus section from the comfort of your own home.

We’ll be covering what makes the annual Perseid meteor shower one of the best in terms of number of meteors seen, and why it is one of the most perennially popular events of the astronomical year.

Pete and Paul will also look at what’s going on out in space to create the spectacle we see here on Earth, with a discussion of the Perseids’ parent comet, 109P/Swift-Tuttle.

Plus, everyone who attends the talk will receive a 5-page digital handout revealing the science of meteor showers and top tips for observing them.

Perseid meteors streaking across the night sky. Find out how to spot one during this year's shower. Credit: Pete Lawrence
Perseid meteors streaking across the night sky. Find out how to spot one during this year's shower. Credit: Pete Lawrence

Pete and Paul will give expert advice, from their many combined years of experience out in the field, on how best to observe the meteor shower and give their tentative predictions for 2020’s apparition.

The talk will also cover how to fill in a meteor report form, so your observations can go towards the wider scientific understanding of the phenomenon, and touch on how to capture this stunning natural show in photos.

You’ll be able to submit questions throughout the talk, and they’ll be put to the speakers in the second part of the presentation to be answered live by them.

Join us on Friday 7 August at 7pm.

About the speakers

Pete Lawrence

Pete Lawrence

Pete Lawrence is a co-presenter on BBC Four’s The Sky at Night, and writes the monthly Sky Guide for BBC Sky at Night Magazine.

An established astronomical tour guide, Pete is also an expert astrophotographer and recipient of the Royal Photographic Society’s prestigious Davies Medal for his contribution to the field of digital imaging science. He has been observing the Perseids since 1977.

Read Pete’s articles on www.skyatnightmagazine.com

Paul Abel

Paul Abel

Dr Paul Abel is theoretical physicist at the University of Leicester, where he is a teaching fellow in the prestigious Department of Physics and Astronomy.

As a seasoned visual observer, Paul is the current director of the British Astronomical Association’s Mercury & Venus section.

He writes regularly for BBC Sky at Night Magazine and has co-presented The Sky at Night alongside Sir Patrick Moore.

Read Paul’s articles on ww.skyatnightmagazine.com