Podcasts are more popular than ever, thanks in no small part to the ubiquitous variety of streaming services and smart devices where podcast episodes can be downloaded and listened to on a work commute, while cooking in the kitchen or during a nightly run.


Space and astronomy podcasts make for some of the most interesting and awe-inspiring shows, as astronomers, astronauts and astrophysicists take the mic and pump space science, stargazing advice and mind-blowing cosmology into our ears.

But where to start, and how can you know which space or astronomy podcast best suits your needs?

Whether you're after practical astronomy advice or want to learn about the latest spaceflight missions, or whether you want to be mesmerised by theoretical astrophysics from the world's leading science communicators, there's bound to be a podcast for you.

Below we've picked out some of our favourite space and astronomy podcasts, perfect for when you've got an hour or two with nothing to do but lean back, put on the headphones and be amazed.

18 best space and astronomy podcasts


ESA Explores

ESA Explores podcast host Stephen Ennis pictured with with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano. Credit: ESA

Find out how the European Space Agency's astronauts and space scientists are pushing the limits of human and robotic spaceflight.

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Some of the crew behind Jodrell Bank's Jodcast
Some of the crew behind Jodrell Bank's Jodcast

Jodrell Bank Observatory is one of the most famous observatories in the world, and for good reason. We can thoroughly recommend this monthly podcast produced by astronomers and volunteer podcasters from the University of Manchester, including practical advice on what to see in the night sky.

More like this

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Houston We Have a Podcast

Houston we have a podcast

The official podcast of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Need we say more?

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Radio Astronomy

Radio Astronomy, the monthly podcast from the makers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine.

At the risk of a shameless self-plug, we couldn't create a 'best space podcasts' list without including our own! Each month the BBC Sky at Night Magazine team talk astronomy and spaceflight. Featuring regular guests and special one-off episodes.

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Royal Observatory Greenwich Podcast

The winners of this year's Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition will be announced at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, 20 October 2018. Image Credit: National Maritime Museum, London

Monthly stargazing guides and interviews with space scientists, brought to you from the team at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

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The Supermassive Podcast

Supermassive podcast

Science journalist Izzie Clarke and astrophysicist Dr Becky Smethurst discuss the latest astronomy research in their monthly podcast for the Royal Astronomical Society. Expect practical astronomy advice, answers to the biggest cosmic questions and snippets from the RAS's illustrious history.

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Watch the latest vodcasts from the team behind the European Southern Observatory, covering the latest discoveries in space science and exciting news about big topics such as exoplanets and black holes.

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Get the latest updates from the Hubble Space Telescope with this regular vodcast of short videos explaining some of the fundamentals of astronomy and cosmology.

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Planetary Radio

Planetary radio host Mat Kaplan pictured with Bill Nye. Credit: Planetary Society

The Planetary Society is well-known for its extensive coverage of space missions humanity's exploration of the cosmos. The society's fun, accessible style works well as a podcast, with regular episodes covering breaking space news.

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Science Focus Podcast

Science Focus Podcast

Our friends over at BBC Science Focus Magazine produce a regular podcast covering all things science, including a hefty amount of astronomy and space-related episodes.

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BBC space podcasts

BBC space podcast

A range of space-related podcasts is available on the BBC website, pulling in the latest coverage from across the Beeb.

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Universe Today

Universe Today podcast

If you're a fan of the popular space website Universe Today, you might be pleased to hear they have a regular podcast hosted by Fraser Cain.

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Cool Space News

Cool space news

Regular readers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine may be familiar with US space writer and journalist Rod Pyle, who pens many of our articles covering the history of spaceflight and NASA. Rod hosts a regular podcast during which he provides an update on the latest happenings at Mission Control, and beyond.

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Star Signs Live

Star Signs Live podcast

Astronomer Tom Kerss - formerly of the Royal Observatory Greenwich - has launched a new weekly podcast that reveals what's visible in the night sky. If you're just getting started in astronomy and need a little guidance, this is the podcast for you!

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Interplanetary Podcast

Interplanetary podcast

Londoners Matt and Jamie discuss all things space in this weekly podcast, covering astrophysics, spaceflight and cosmology, and featuring some big-name interviewees.

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Awesome Astronomy

Awesome Astronomy Podcast

Ralph, Paul and Jeni discuss astronomy news and what you can see in the night sky each month. Plus, expert interviews and chat about the UK astronomy scene.

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Startalk podcast

Neil deGrasse Tyson needs no introduction. Listen to the US astronomer's award-winning podcast for cosmic pondering and interviews with special guests.

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Star Diary

BBC Sky at Night Magazine Star Diary podcast

Another podcast from the makers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine, this weekly series provides a look at what's going to be visible in the night sky over the coming nights and mornings.

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What are your favourite space and astronomy podcasts? Let us know by emailing contactus@skyatnightmagazine.com.


Iain Todd BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Iain ToddScience journalist

Iain Todd is BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Content Editor. He fell in love with the night sky when he caught his first glimpse of Orion, aged 10.