14 November 2016 supermoon: in pictures

On Monday 14 November 2016 the Moon passed by Earth at a distance closer than it had done since 1948, making it appear larger in the sky than any other full Moon of the year.

Rad Djeliov, Northamptonshire. Rad says: "We were lucky enough to get a few minutes' break in the clouds and it just happened to coincide with the moonrise. This photo is something I've tried to do over many nights of chasing the Moon, and I'm very happy I caught it with some foreground (a local communications tower). Equipment: Canon 100D DSLR camera, Celestron C80ED refractor

While many know this phenomenon as something called a ‘supermoon’, the correct term is a ‘perigee syzygy Moon’; perigee meaning the closest point the Moon comes to Earth in its elliptical orbit of our planet and syzygy meaning the alignment of three celestial objects, in this case the Sun, Moon and Earth.


Many of you managed to photograph the full Moon and shared your images with us online. Here we present a selection of our favourite ‘supermoon’ captures.