Mission Moon 3-D: Brian May’s new book about the Apollo programme

A new book by Brian May and David Eicher brings the Apollo moonlandings to life via hi-resolution 3D images.

A stereo image of Apollo 16 Lunar Module pilot Charlie Duke on the Moon, as seen in the book Mission Moon 3D

Mission Moon 3-D is a newly-released book by Brian May and David Eicher that tells the story of the Space Race and Apollo moonlandings using 3-D photography.


The book comes with a 3-D viewer – named the ‘Lite Owl’ – designed by Brian May, and features contributions by Apollo astronauts Charlie Duke and Jim Lovell.


Below is a selection of images from Mission Moon 3-D, which has been released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moonlanding.

Mission Moon 3-D by Brian May & David Eicher is out now, priced £30.