Astronomy and stargazing involves a lot of standing or sitting in the same place, staring up at the sky. It's by no means the most energetic of pursuits, and as a result, comfort and warmth are important.


Amateur astronomers put a lot of thought into what telescope they use, which of their eyepieces to pack, or what deep-sky targets are best placed for observing on that particular evening.

But it's also important to have a suitable place to sit while you gaze through the eyepiece or stare up at the night sky.

Laptop and telescope set up, you're ready to start photographing the Moon. Credit: Will Gater
Credit: Will Gater

For astronomy and stargazing, a good chair can be one of your most valuable pieces of kit.

You may need something sturdy and comfortable for observing at home; something that supports your back and your weight as you position your eye over the eyepiece.

For telescope observing, you will need a good adjustable chair so that you can change the height of your seat, enabling you to adapt to whatever position your telescope happens to be pointed.

Or perhaps you need a good foldable chair that you can easily pack for travel when doing a spot of astronomy camping.

Camping in the New Forest by David Garland, The New Forest, UK. Equipment: Cannon 1100D, Standard tripod, Startrails stacking program
A foldable, reclining chair is a great option for an astronomy camping trip. Credit: David Garland

One thing to take into consideration if you're a naked-eye observer is that it will help if your stargazing chair can recline.

Observing meteor showers, for example, involves a lot of sitting still, craning your neck upwards and staring around the same patch of sky, in the hope of catching a shooting star.

A reclining stargazing chair can help avoid neck cramp and is vital for a successful and comfortable meteor-watching experience.

We've picked out some of the best reclining chairs, camping chairs and observing chairs suitable for stargazing and astronomy, helping you stay comfortable so you can focus on the night sky above.

For help deciding on a portable telescope, read our guide to the best travel telescopes available. For more general advice, read out guide on how to stargaze.

8 chairs for astronomy and stargazing


XGEAR folding reclining camping chair

xgear folding reclining camping chair

One of the best ways of positioning yourself to comfortably scour the sky for meteors or other astronomical targets is by using a reclining sun lounger, so a portable reclining camping chair is a great option for stargazers who want to be able to easily transport their observing seat to a dark-sky site.

This reclining chair is foldable and comes with a carry bag for transporting. It also has a detachable side table and a storage bag on the arm rest, which could be good for housing a modest pair of binoculars, should you wish to take a closer look at your chosen target.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the reclining ability, enabling you to stay comfortable while you gaze upwards during long stargazing sessions.


Geoptik Nadira Observing Chair

Geoptik Nadira Observing Chair

This sturdy observing chair constructed of beech plywood measures 92x40x5cm and is specifically designed with astronomy observing in mind.

Both the position of the seat and the backrest can be adjusted to accommodate different observing positions for reflector and refractor telescopes.

It also has two handles attached, enabling it to be easily carried and transported around your chosen dark-sky site.


Robens Observer Chair

robens observer chair

This lightweight camping chair is easily foldable so that it can be made compact enough to be transported to a dark-sky site.

It's most suited to naked-eye or binocular stargazing, as the back is reclined and will support your back as you gaze upwards.

It's easy to assemble too, meaning it can be quickly folded away for storage following a long night of observing the night sky.


Vestil CPRO-800LP Ergonomic Chair

Vestil CPRO-800LP chair

While the Vestil CPRO-800LP hasn't been designed specifically with telescope observing in mind, its portability, light weight and adjustable height make it a great option for use with a range of telescopes, from refractors to Dobsonians.

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It's easily foldable, meaning it can be stored quickly and safely indoors when not in use, then brought out quickly for a visual observing session.

The seat is padded, which helps maintain comfort during long nights of observing through the eyepiece.

The adjustability helps the observer adapt to whatever height their telescope happens to be positioned.

This could make it a good option for star parties, where you may be roaming a campsite and taking a look through the eyepieces of varying practical astronomy setups in the space of one evening.


Sky-Watcher Anti-Tip Observing Chair

skywatcher anti-tip observing chair

This 'anti-tip' astronomy chair from telescope manufacturer Sky-Watcher has a height-adjustable padded seat to comfortably accommodate different observing setups.

It has also been designed to retain balance and stability, hence the 'anti-tip' mentioned in the product's name.

It comes with an instruction manual and can support weight load up to 90kg.


Leifheit Multi Seat Niveau

Leifheit Multi Seat Niveau

This is another chair model not specifically designed with telescope observing in mind, but whose portability and adjustability make it a good option for deep-sky astronomy sessions during which you may need to change the position and height of your seat to accommodate the position of the eyepiece.

It has 13 height adjustment levels, padded seating and back support and is sturdy yet lightweight.

It can also be folded down flat, making it suitable for quick storage or for transporting to a dark-sky site.


GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliners

GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliners

This double set of reclining camping chairs makes a great option for naked-eye stargazers who like to observe the night sky with a companion.

They're designed for outdoor use, come with a portable table that can be used to hold hot drinks or even a small set of binoculars, and can be easily folded down flat for storage in the garden shed or when camping under the stars.

The chairs' ability to recline makes them a good option for meteor observing or viewing a high Moon through binoculars, as it means you can lean back and observe high in the sky without putting strain on your neck.


Fiam Movida Multi-Position Garden Chair

Fiam Movida Multi-Position Garden Chair,

The Fiam Movida is among the more high-end reclining chairs, but it is ideal for naked-eye stargazing and outdoor use.

It's weather-resistant and supports weights up to 100kg.

It offers superb reclining ability, enabling you to lean right back and get a good look at the zenith.


It comes with a removable and adjustable footrest and headrest, and can be folded away for storage.