The Saturn V rocket is one of the most iconic rockets in spaceflight history.


Developed by NASA at its Marshall Flight Center in Alabama, USA, the Saturn V is the rocket that took human beings to the Moon.

The Saturn V was first launched in 1967 during the uncrewed Apollo 4 mission. Its first crewed launch came in 1968 with Apollo 8, the mission that sent human beings around the Moon and back.

And, of course, the Saturn V made possible the historic Apollo 11 moonlanding, enabling the USA to overtake the Soviet Union in the Cold War Space Race.

It was also the rocket that launched the Skylab space station into Earth orbit.

Launch of Apollo 4 atop the first Saturn 5 Moon rocket. Credit: NASA
Launch of Apollo 4 atop the first Saturn V rocket. Credit: NASA

As well as being a key piece of spaceflight engineering, deserving of its place in the history books, the Saturn V rocket was also one cool-looking piece of machinery.

It’s no wonder that countless models, toys and replicas have been produced over the years from big model-making names like LEGO, Airfix and Revell.

Here’s our selection of some of the best Saturn V models and toys, making great gifts for space fans young and old, or those who enjoy the challenge of model construction.


Revell Apollo 11 Saturn V model

Revell Apollo 11 Saturn V model

This Revell Saturn V model stands 1.14m high when completed and features the launch platform, the iconic 5-thruster final stage, a detailed lunar module and command module and even comes complete with a miniature astronaut.

Be warned, though: this Saturn V model is for kit-building aficionados. It comes in 183 parts with full assembly instructions, adhesive and colour paints.

Revell has categorised it as a 'Level 5' model, meaning it’s aimed at modellers with experience in building and painting glue-kits who are up for the challenge.


Metal Earth Saturn V with Gantry

metal earth saturn v model

Something of a departure from the other colourful, more realistic Saturn V models on our list, this metallic version from Metal Earth is certainly stylistically striking.

Metal Earth recommends the use of tweezers and wire cutters to help with constructing this model, so it is perhaps not suitable for younger model makers.

Nevertheless, coming complete with towering gantry and embossed USA logo on the rocket's body, this would certainly make for an attractive addition to a NASA memorabilia collection.


LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V

lego nasa apollo saturn v

Considering just how iconic the Saturn V is and how suited its design is to model-making kits, it was inevitable that LEGO would get in on the action and produce their own version.

This LEGO Saturn V model consists of 1,969 pieces (a nice nod to the year the rocket took humans to the Moon) and features a lunar lander and a command module, the latter complete with requisite orange floatation ring for splashdown following the mission’s successful close.

The LEGO Saturn V model comes with 3 astronaut microfigures and and a stand that enables it to be displayed horizontally.


Dragon Models Apollo 11 Saturn V Building Kit

dragon models saturn v

This Saturn V model from Dragon Models is incredibly detailed, featuring rendered launch escape system and command service module, fuel tanks and thrusters.

Once assembled, the model rocket can be displayed using the included circular base.


Airfix Apollo Saturn V

airfix saturn v model

Airfix is a name synonymous with model-building, and the company has unsurprisingly put out its own model version of the Saturn V rocket.

The Airfix Saturn V consists of 78 parts and stands 76cm tall.


Airfix advises that this model is for more experience model builders, as full construction and painting is required before the Saturn V can be proudly displayed.