After cataract surgery I bought a Celestron Inspire 80AZ telescope with a Sky-Watcher SP 32mm eyepiece and a Moon filter. What can you suggest for me to get the most out of my telescope?

Darren Lambert


Steve says: "The Celestron Inspire 80AZ telescope is suitable as a beginner’s telescope. However, the 10mm and 20mm eyepieces supplied with the telescope are Kellners, which are an older three-element design.

In this price range they will be somewhat inferior to the more modern four-element design of Plössls.

You’d be better off using the 20mm version, as recent experience has found the 10mm version produces quite poor results, so you will likely be disappointed with the view.

Your 32mm Sky-Watcher eyepiece will also serve you well. In the wake of your recent surgery, I applaud your purchase of a Moon filter to tame down this rather bright object.

The altazimuth mount itself is very easy and pleasant to use but you could further damp down vibrations by increasing the stability of the tripod: simply suspend a weight from the underside the tripod head; a bag filled with sand is good for this.


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