How can I easily move my heavy telescope?

BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Scope Doctor Steve Richards solves your practical astronomy ailments.

A portable tripod dolly is a handy way of moving heavy astronomy setups.
Published: March 26, 2020 at 8:55 am
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I struggle to move my telescope on my own. Is there anything that would make it easier?

Steve says: "The requirement for a sturdy mount and the weight of the telescope itself soon adds up to a substantial piece of equipment to move. Thankfully, there is a simple device called a tripod dolly to help you.


There are numerous manufacturers but be aware that some designs are intended for use on rails and are not suitable.

For astronomy purposes where solid alignment is important, it’s necessary to use a design that has either retractable feet, so that once the scope is rolled into position they can be lowered to lift the wheels off the ground, or substantial brakes to lock the wheels in position.

The JMI Universal telescope trolley or Manfrotto 114 heavy duty tripod dolly are good choices.

For a guide to making your own dolly and printable plans visit"


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Astronomer Steve Richards
Steve RichardsAstronomer and author

Steve Richards is a DIY astronomy expert and author of Making Every Photon Count: A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Sky Astrophotography.


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