Student astronomy guide

Our guide to university astronomy societies

Published: September 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Are you an amateur observer heading off to university this month?


Well fear not, there are lots of universities in the UK with fantastic astronomy clubs and societies.

And if your institution doesn’t have one of its own, there are plenty of public astronomy clubs dotted across the country to get involved with.

Here’s our guide to some great astronomy clubs wherever you decide to continue your studies.


Astronomy Club at York University

Sheffield Astronomical Society

North East

Durham University Astronomical Society

North West

Universities of Liverpool Astronomical Society

Manchester Astronomical Society


Leicester Astronomical Society 

University of Birmingham Astronomical Society 


Oxford University Space and Astronomy Society

University of Southampton Astronomical Society

South East

Kings College Astronomy Society

Cambridge University Astronomical Society

South West

Cornwall Astronomical Society

Bristol Astronomical Society


Swansea Astronomical Society

Cardiff Astronomical Society


Glasgow University Astronomy Society

Edinburgh University Astronomy Society


Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society


Keiron AllenFood writer

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