What would be the best bag for transporting my table-top telescope?

BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Scope Doctor Steve Richards solves your astronomy ailments.

Meade LightBridge Mini 130 Dobsonian. Credit: BBC Sky at Night Magazine
Published: May 7, 2020 at 8:32 am
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What would be the best bag for transporting an Orion 90mm table-top telescope?

Steve says: "If you're interested in astronomy travel, sooner or later you're going to want a reliable, light, soft-padded case in which to transport your astronomical instrument.


Your Orion 90mm TableTop telescope is an interesting variation on the ‘Dobsonian’ theme. It’s an instrument that uses a simple wooden altazimuth base, which is similar to that commonly used with small Dobsonians, but instead of a Newtonian reflector, it supports a Maksutov Cassegrain telescope.

Unfortunately there is no specific bag available for this telescope and the one that Orion USA suggests as a potential fit is not only too long but also unavailable in the UK.

Thankfully, there are other solutions available from photographic retailers in the form of large gadget bags and one in particular would appear to fit your requirements well.

The Neewer Photo Studio Equipment Trolley Carry Bag has internal dimensions of 77x28x27cm and adjustable partitions so you can customise the interior to suit your telescope while still having plenty of room for accessories.

As a lower cost alternative, a soft-sided hand luggage cabin bag may just stretch enough to accommodate the diameter of the base to serve the same purpose."


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Astronomer Steve Richards
Steve RichardsAstronomer and author

Steve Richards is a DIY astronomy expert and author of Making Every Photon Count: A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Sky Astrophotography.


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