There is a wealth of space and astronomy programmes on the BBC iPlayer, and it's not just for adults! With shows like CBeebies and BBC Bitesize, children and young adults too can explore the wonders of the night sky and learn about the space missions that have helped humanity reach out into the cosmos.


Here is our pick of the best space and astronomy programmes for kids on the BBC iPlayer.

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Space and astronomy for kids on BBC iPlayer


CBeebies Stargazing

Maggie and Chris take a trip around the Solar System and discover what lies beyond Earth.

Top tips for stargazing

Maggie Aderin-Pocock reveals her top tips for kids who want to learn more about the night sky.

Constellation song

Learn about the star patterns in the night sky known as constellations.

Tim Peake and Miss Mouse

UK astronaut Tim Peake is joined on the International Space Station by a special guest.

CBeebies Radio: Stargazing

Discover more about the Universe in this series of children's podcasts.

For more, visit the CBeebies Stargazing page.

BBC Live Lessons

Space - Live Lesson

Professor Brian Cox answers viewers' questions about the Universe.

Out Of This World

Out of This World

Maggie Aderin-Pocock looks at how space exploration has changed life on Earth.

Bitesize Daily

Earth and Space

This educational programme for 9-11 year olds explores the relationship between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.


Maddie, Space and You

Join Maddie as she explores the worlds of astronomy and spaceflight.

Celebrity Supply Teacher

Tim Peake

Enjoy a science masterclass taught by UK astronaut Tim Peake.

Horrible Histories

Moon Mayhem

Learn how the Apollo 11 mission landed human feet on the surface of the Moon for the first time.

Hey Duggie

Hey Duggie: The Space Badge

Duggie and the Squirrels take a trip on a rocket to explore our Solar System.


Alphablocks: Space

S, P, A, C and E discover what lies beyond Earth.

Justin's House

Just In Space

Who will secure their place in the Justin Town Space Mission?

The Clangers

The Clangers homepage


Follow the Clanger community and their adventures with singing asteroids, meteor showers and teleporting top hats.