July 2015

Published: June 29, 2015 at 12:00 pm

The July 2015 issue of BBC Sky at Night Magazine is out in the shops now!


Here’s what’s inside the 108-pages.

- The end of the world - revisiting the 1940s art of astronomical armageddon from Chelsey Bonestell and asking if the chaos depicted is a real risk

- 50 years of Mars exploration - Marking the 50th anniversary of Mariner 4's flyby via a countdown of the top ten feats in the history of exploring the Red Planet

- Close encounters of the stellar kind - How a journeying star came within a whisker of our own

- Stargazing Live: an eclipse for the masses - How the BBC live-streamed March's solar eclipse

- Beneath the shining surface - Using sound waves to unlock the secrets of stars

- Reviews: we review the Celestron Echelon 16x70 binoculars, the iOptron iEQ30 Pro German equatorial mount and the Atik 414EX mono CCD camera.

- Access the bonus content to hear our interview with 'science guy' Bill Nye on his new LightSail solar project, watch a video on planning a Mars rover road trip, view the deep sky tour chart, read get started guides, print out observing forms to record your observations, watch astronomy videos and view the Hotshots and Eye On The Sky picture galleries

- Guides covering the oceans of the Solar System

- How to make an azimuth setting circle to help locate targets with a Dobsonian and image processing solar mosaics

- The monthly Bulletin pages bring you up to date on all the latest astronomical news, as well as Cutting Edge giving the highlights from brand new research.

- Our July Sky Guide featuring the top sight, an all-sky chart, a deep-sky tour and more...

- Our Scope Doctor answers your technical kit questions.

- Interactive: your letters, tweets, forum posts and readers’ scopes

- Gear – a round up of the latest astronomical accessories

- What’s On listings – find out what astronomy events are on near you (also with astronomy related tv & radio listings.)

- Hotshots - this month's pick of your very best astrophotos

- Beautiful new images from space in Eye on the Sky.


- The latest astronomy books reviewed.


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