March 2016

Published: March 1, 2016 at 12:00 pm

The March 2016 issue of BBC Sky at Night Magazine is in the shops now!


Inside this month's issue:


- Discover the gas giant and its planets with our free Jupiter poster

- Jupiter: The Definitive Observing Guide - how to see, draw, image and track the gas giant
- Cloudy With A Chance of Methane - how astronomers predict the weather on exoplanets
- The Maharaja's Masterpiece - India's 18th Century stone observatories
- The Fate of Farthings - the legacy of the late Sir Patrick Moore
- An Arctic Aurora Adventure - we visit the Aurora Festival of Björkliden in northern Sweden.
- Messengers from the Solar System - unlocking the secrets of space rocks found on Earth
- Reviews: iStar Asteria WFX 150-5 R50 anastigmat refractor, Altair GP-CAM AR0130C, Revelation 12-inch f/4 M-LRN Newtonian reflector
- Access the Bonus Content for a classic Sky at Night episode from 1974 in which Patrick Moore talks to Dr Carl Sagan about the prospect of finding life outside of Earth
Plus, we speak to Scott Bolton, principal investigator on NASA's Juno mission, March's Virtual Planetariumdeep sky tour chart, binocular tourobserving forms and Hotshots and Eye On The Sky picture galleries.
- Your first steps in star hopping in The Guide
- How to build a star simulator, part 2
- Image processing - Denoise lunar and solar images 
- Monthly Bulletin pages bring you up to date with all the latest astronomical news, as well as Cutting Edge revealing the highlights from brand new research
- Our March Sky Guide featuring Jupiter's moons, an all-sky chart, a deep-sky tour and more...
- Our Scope Doctor answers your technical kit questions
- Interactive: your letters, tweets, forum posts and readers’ scopes
- Gear – a round up of the latest astronomical accessories
- What’s On listings – find out what astronomy events are on near you
- Hotshots - this month's pick of your very best astrophotos
- Beautiful new images from space in Eye on the Sky
- The latest astronomy books reviewed

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