Learn about our affiliate partnership with Monetizer101, which you may see across our online telescope and equipment review guides, as well as on other pages across the site.

What is Monetizer101?

Monetizer101 is a platform that provides affiliate shopping solutions for premium publishers in the online sector. BBC Sky at Night Magazine uses the Monetizer tool to give our users a way of quickly comparing and exploring multiple retailers who sell the products we have reviewed.

How does it work?

BBC Sky at Night Magazine uses the Monetizer101 functionality to make our review content even more useful for our users, showing them some of the most affordable options for buying products reviewed by our editorial team. Monetizer101 partners with a wide range of retailers in the market to create their affiliate database.

Although comprehensive, the database may not always be exhaustive of every single retailer that offers the reviewed product and so users are encouraged to explore other options online if they wish and BBC Skyat Night Magazine does not recommend these retailers, solely. When BBC Sky at Night Magazine reviews a product online, Monetizer101 will display both the best current deals and which of their retail partners are offering them. This is all done in real-time to include short term sale offers and prices will update automatically.

How do I buy the products online?

Simply scroll down to the ‘available from’ widget displayed underneath the product review and you will be shown current retailers and live prices. If you decide to purchase the product online, you are able to do so by clicking through to your desired retailer to make a purchase on their website. When you do this, a new window will open and you will be taken to a third party site completely separate to BBC Sky at Night Magazine. No purchase will be made directly on the BBC Sky at Night Magazine website.

Why is my preferred retailer not there?

The links provided by Monetizer101 are based on the best three deals for the product. This means it will still be available with other retailers and we encourage you to shop around online if you wish. Our reviews give information on the product and its features and in no way do we favour one retailer over another.

Why do some products not have the shopping box?

If Monetizer101 doesn’t have a particular stockist registered on its database, we still include that product in our review as it has been editorially selected. We would never choose to leave out a product from our reviews if it was not available via one of Monetizer101’s retailers. In the instance where you don’t see a shopping box below a product, we will simply suggest one stockist which we know currently provides the product online.

Can I save my shopping basket?

The purchase journey on Monetizer101 takes you to the retailer’s direct website so if you create a shopping basket with a third party it will not be shown on Whether or not it can be saved will be dependent on each individual vendor.

Is BBC Sky at Night Magazine writing reviews based on Monetizer products?

Absolutely not. Monetizer101 is an affiliate partnership with Our Media Ltd (an Immediate Group Company) and in no way influences BBC Sky at Night Magazine’s editorial content. Products reviewed are chosen first-hand and solely by the BBC Sky at Night Magazine team, and will feature regardless of whether or not Monetizer101 has found deals for the product of choice. Find out how we review our equipment.

Monetizer101 is an affiliate partner of Our Media Ltd (an Immediate Group Company), meaning that any purchase made as a result of a user clicking through to a third-party retailer’s website via the Monetizer101 widget hosted on will result in Our Media receiving a percentage of the revenue. For more information on how this affiliate partnership works please do e-mail us at

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