Aurora Over Iceland

Aurora Over Iceland by Stuart Woodall, Hali, Iceland.

Stuart Woodall

Hali, Iceland

Canon EOS 550D

Before last week’s trip to Iceland I was pretty sure that astronomy was something I wanted to get into. Since then however, I have no doubt in my mind what so ever.

Perhaps needless to say, I saw the Aurora Borealis and it’s hard to find the words. They were mind blowing. Amazing. Incomparable to anything I have ever seen in fact. It may be a recent one, but I find it hard to believe that the memory can be beaten.

I was there with my Wife, Mum & Dad, and my sisters – on a trip arranged for all of us by my wife as seeing the lights was on the top of all of our ‘lists’. I had told them that it was unlikely we’d see them and not to get their hopes up, but if I’m honest, mine were sky high, right up there where we all wanted the lights to be.

We ended up getting an 8-hour show under the only patch of clear sky in Iceland that night – 14th February. Lucky or what?

No photos can do the Aurora justice but, as a photography nut, I had to give it a go. Please find a small selection attached.

You’d have thought that all this would be enough, but it’s just the start. I love that something can put you in your place and give you instant perspective like that – and that was just our upper atmosphere!

An 80ED refractor, mount and T adapter will be here soon. Next, our solar system and then further afield. What have the Northern Lights started?