Barnards in Aries

vdb 13

Kfir Simon


LRGB image
Lum for 2:30 hrs
RGB 30 min each
Total of 4 HRS

Imaged with the 16″ f3.75 Dream Astrograph.
Apogee Alta U-16M camera.

Imaged from Tivoli farm in Namibia September 2015.

Just near the border of Taurus lies this dusty 1.4X1.4 degrees region containing several dark nebulae:
Barnard 203 at the upper right of the image looks like a seahorse…
B202, 204, 206 just under it…
The bright bluish nebulae are : VDB13 at the upper part of the image
VDB 16 at the bottom left of the image