Cocoon Nebula


Tim Coskun

Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom

This image consists of the following sub-exposures: Ha 10 x 600s, R, G and B, 6 x 300s all binned x 2, making a total of 190 minutes of imaging time. I used a TEC 140 (5.5 inch) refractor at f7 mounted on a Paramount MX using a QSI 690 CCD camera and Lodestar guide camera. Image capture was done with Maxim DL and I used CCD Stack2 and Photoshop CS5 for further processing.

The Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146/Caldwell 19) in Cygnus which I imaged from my garden observatory in Oxted Surrey (less than a mile from the M25 motorway) on 26 September 2016. This nebula is chiefly an emission nebula (Sharpless 125) but also has blue reflection and dark areas. Inside the nebula is the open cluster IC 5146. The thin dark region extending from the nebula is a small part of the dark nebula Barnard 168, which would require a much larger field of view to show it all.