Comet C/2012 S1 ISON – 5.30am to 6.00am Tuesday 19th Nov 2013


Lawrence Dunn

Southampton / New Forest

Scope: FSQ106
Camera: Atik 460EX mono
Mount: AP900GTO (unguided this time)

L: 10x60s 1×1
RGB: 10c30s 2×2 (for each filter)

DSS to stack images for starfield, and separately the comet, then later recombined the two.

All other processing in Photoshop.

Imaged from the New Forest to aid a clear ESE horizon, ISON was only approx 5 degs above the horizon when I started imaging at 5.30am & had only climbed several more degrees by the time I was forced to stop due to a lightening dawn sky. There was also a nigh on full moon to contend with, so less than ideal conditions, but at least there were no clouds!

This was my first attempt at comet astro imaging, don’t think it will be my last, it brings with it some unique challenges, especially on the processing side which is one of the areas I need to improve on. Great ‘fun’ though!