Io and Europa, double transit.


Avani Soares

Parsec Observatory, Canoas, Brazil

C14 Edge + ASI 224 + PM 2X + L filter

Io and Europe, double transit!
Although the conditions of seeing are not exactly the best and considering the fact that Jupiter is already moving away, it was still possible to obtain this beautiful record.
Often, the satellites pass over the disc of Jupiter, and we call it transits. Depending on the date of the event, relative to the date of the opposition, the shadow that the satellite projects on the planet during transit may precede or follow the satellite. Timing the beginning and end of transits, as well as the appearance (“ingress”) and disappearance (“egress”) of satellite shadow is still an interesting exercise, which tests our visual acuity and can be compared with published ephemeris, or obtained From appropriate software.
Transits of the Galilean satellites are among the most beautiful astronomical events that can be viewed by an amateur astronomy.
They are commonplace events, can be seen frequently, but double transits are a bit more sparse and triple much rarer.