Jovian System

Jupiter & 4 Moons Jovian System on 03-08-2016
C8 SCT + QHY5iiL CCD camera filter
600 frames

John Chumack


Jupiter with Ganymede, Io, Callisto, & Europa. Turned out okay. C8 at Prime focus with the QHY5IIL CCD camera, (1800 frames) 600 frames each RGB, Stacked in Registax, then RGB combined in Maxim DL.

The Planet Jupiter & Galilean Moons on 08-03-2016. Seeing was boiling…so I went down to lower power to get Jupiter & the Nicely placed Galilean Moons. I ran the Chip ROI at 1280 x 400 @30fps to fit them all in.