M27 Dumbbell combination of C11 with ED110


André van der Hoeven

HI-Ambacht, The Netherlands

Celestron C11/Robtics ED110
Both on an neq6
Camera: SXV-H9

Last week I made images of M27 with my ED110. I decided to combine these images with Ha and OIII data taken with my C11 earlier this year. So in the end I made a widefield (well a bit) with the details of the C11 in the core.


C11 f/6.3:

H-alpha 5×30 minutes with 4,5nm custom scientific filter
OIII 7×30 minutes 13nm astronomik

R: 9×5 min Baader R
G: 3×5 min Baader G
B: 3×5 min Baader B