M45, Merope, IC 349


Niels V. Christensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

LX200ACF 16″ on wedge. Atik 460ex mono camera. Baader LRGB filters. Lepus 0.62X reducer. WO FLT-110 and Canon 60Da.

The main information in this picture was made/done with the 16″ telescope, exposure times: R=19*5sec+30*2sec. G=19*5sec+29*2sec. B=17*5sec+28*2sec. L=10*60sec+22*30sec+40*10sec+48*5sec+49*2sec+58*0.5secSmall part of the color data in the Merope IC 349 picture was taken from this widefield picture, taken also in Sep-2013: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10089041/Test1/M45-12-5min-25.jpg