M45, Pleiades (Merope Nebula)


Chris Heapy

Macclesfield UK

Scope: NP127is + 0.8x focal reducer
Mount: Losmandy G11
CCD: Atik490EX @ 1×1 binning
Guide: TV Pronto + SX Lodestar

Image data aquired from my back garden in Macclesfield UK.

Everyone’s favourite star cluster, beautiful young blue stars and with longer exposures like this one the surrounding blue reflection nebula is revealed. Of particular note here is the nebula surrounding Merope (lower bright star in this image) where the hint of colours indicate the dusty nature of emission nebula. This is an RGB image consisting of 10 x 300s each of R, G and B channels, taken on a night with a bright moon only a couple of days from full.