M45 – The Pleiades


Steve Loveridge

Wellington, Somerset, UK

Modified Canon 1000d equipped with an Astronomik CLS CCD filter through a William Optics ZS70 and Flattener III mounted on an EQMOD controlled HEQ5 Pro. The set-up was guided using a Skywatcher 100ED Pro with a QHY5v camera and PHD.

This is an image made up of 13 x 10 minute sub-images, taken on 11 October 2010. The subs were acquired using Nebulosity 2, then stacked and processed using a trial version of Pixinsight 1.6. I’m very pleased that the image has retained the star colours and as well the striking blue nebulosity surrounding the main cluster, the background also shows hints of the huge amount of nebulosity which blanket the entire region.