M81 Bode’s Nebula


Bradley Swift


Scope: Skywatcher 150p newtonian reflector
Mount: Heq5 pro unguided.
Camera: Canon 1100D unmodded, using intervalometer
No filters were used.
100 lights 80s at ISO 800 best 75% used
25 Darks & 25 Bias. No flats.
Software: DeepSkyStacker & StarTools.

M81 Bode’s Nebula. Lies in the constellation of Ursa Major. At almost 12 million light years distant and 90,000 light years in diameter, it should be possible to pick it out from the night sky using a reasonable pair of binoculars. Ursa major is pretty much at the Zenith (overhead) from my location.Which usually means the light pollution isn’t has bad.When I look at the skies from where I live, it’s almost like looking up through the centre of an orange polo mint.