M82 Cigar Galaxy

M82 Cigar Galaxy, by Mark Griffith.

M82 Cigar Galaxy, by Mark Griffith.

Mark Griffith

Swindon, Wiltshire. UK

Celestron C11 Sct, Skywatcher NEQ6 pro mount,Atik 383L+ camera, motorised filter wheel and Astronomik filters.

Irregular galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major. Irregular nature caused by the close by approach of M81 Bode’s Galaxy 20 million years ago.

This has caused a burst of star formation at the centre of this galaxy. The two red areas shown on my image.

Concentrated on highlighting these star formation regions.

Collected ninety minutes of hydrogen alpha data and did a blended overlay with the red channel data. Also slightly boosted colour saturation.

Data from three nights. 8th, 16th and 21st February 2015.

HaRGB image with 5 hours and 50 minutes of data. 16 Ha 2×2 binning 16 red 19 green 17 blue 1×1 binning all 5 min minute exposures.