Messier 81 Bode’s Galaxy

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Dave Frost

Holloway, near Matlcok, Derbyshire

Altair 8″ reflector mounted on a Vixen Sphinx mount. Guiding with PHD2 using ZWO AS120MC-S and PHD2

I’d been really struggling with my guiding, but finally managed to get it sorted and decided to have a go at M81.
Really clear, calm night, and decided to not use a light pollution filter, even though we do get some light pollution here.
Resultant image did have a reddish tinge. Balancing the channels, using the levels command in Photoshop removed this. As well as the detail in the galaxy, I’m pleased to have maintained the colours in the stars.
22 stacked 3.5 minute exposures at ISO 800