NGC 869/884 Double cluster in a different way…


André van der Hoeven / Fabian Neyer

Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands

TMB92SS / QSI583ws
Televue NP101 / SBIG STL11000m

I started this image using my TMB92SS telescope with a QSI583, resulting in a LRGB image of this region.

When looking on the internet I found a wonderful image of Fabian Neyer of this region in H-alpha (

After some mail contact with Fabian I decided to combine his H-alpha layer with my image to bring out this region in a way that is not very often shown. Huge clouds of hydrogen surround the clusters and show the complex interactions going on in this region.

The image consists of the following exposures:

André van der Hoeven:
TMB92SS – QSI583ws
L: 16 x 600s
R,G,B: 6 x 600s each

Fabian Neyer:
Televue NP101 – SBIG STL11000M
Ha: 66 x 1200s

Total exposure time: 27,7 hours