Solstice Strawberry Moon


Mary Spicer


Digital camera

On the evening of Monday 20th June, the weather was not on our side, but I went out with my camera just before moonrise hoping to catch a glimpse of the Strawberry Moon rising. I waited for about 20 minutes, when suddenly I saw a sliver of pink peeping out from behind some clouds above some distant trees. The colour was the most vivid pink colour I’ve ever seen during moonrise! I had a period of just 4 minutes before a band of cloud started to obscure the middle of the Moon, then a couple of minutes later I watched as the Moon disappeared behind another bank of cloud. However, during that 4 minute window I managed to take this shot which shows most of the Moon visible; only the bottom edge is hiding behind cloud but I feel that adds to the atmosphere. It was one of those occasions where luck was on my side!