Meade Series 5000 UWA 6.7mm review

The Meade Series 5000 UWA 6.7mm is an all-round good eyepiece.

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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The Meade Series 5000 UWA 6.7mm eyepiece has an outer skin of soft, matt-black rubber, which is circular at the bottom and bulges out to form a lovely curved triangle shape with a 53mm diameter at its widest point.


This is easy to grip, but we found the twist-up eye shield a little too stiff – moving it puts a strain on the focuser.

The shield raises 13.5mm and works very effectively, providing a broad, soft rubber ring to rest your eye socket against. This proved to be very comfortable and kept most stray light out.

We noticed that when we extended the eye shield, the exposed barrel was coated in a thin film of grease. This could transfer to your fingers, then the optics, if you’re not careful.

The 6.7mm eyepiece suffered from a little internal glare when pointed at the Moon’s limb, but not as much as some others we’ve tested.

It was easy to see bright crater rays around Tycho. The contrast on lunar features dropped off close to the field stop with the 6.7mm.

This Meade eyepiece really snapped into focus on bright stars and displayed really good colour when we studied the beautiful blue and gold components of the star Albireo.

Resolution of the four member stars of the Double-Double, was on a par with the best eyepieces around, although this dropped off towards the edge of the field of view, where a little blue colour fringing was evident.


This review appeared in the February 2010 issue of Sky at Night Magazine