The Mapping of the Moon

View our Moon map gallery celebrating 300 years of discovery and exploration of the lunar surface.

Published: June 12, 2019 at 11:42 am
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It is 50 years since mankind set foot on the Moon, however our connection with our closest neighbour began far earlier.


Through the centuries people have sketched the Moon, these sketches became maps and these maps became ever more accurate. Such maps were crucial in the success of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and have played a huge role in both lunar and celestial exploration.

In this gallery, we take a look at some of the maps and other paraphernalia that will be on display at The Map House exhibition “The Mapping of The Moon: 1669 - 1969” from 21 June 2019 until 21 August 2019. In a celebration of mankind’s fascination with the Moon and beyond.

We look at how our understanding of the Moon has significantly developed in the last 350 years. Beginning with simple observations with the naked eye and leading up to exploring the lunar surface with our own feet and advanced robotic technology.


For more information about the exhibit visit The Map House website.


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