The Big Book of DIY Astronomy Projects: extra resources

Here you’ll find all the extra resources to help complete the projects in our special issue The Big Book of DIY Astronomy Projects.

Click on each title below to download the materials for that section.


p16 – Make an observing chair

p20Make a sky ruler

p22Make a spectroscope

p24Make a red LED torch

Solar Observing

p30Make a solar funnel

p32Make a solar projection screen


p44Make a Dobsonian telescope: part 1

p46Make a Dobsonian telescope: part 2

p48Make a Dobsonian telescope: part 3

p52Make a telescope mirror

p54Make a finderscope

p56Make a small refractor


p62Build your own observatory

p74Automate your observatory


p80Make a low cost wooden tripod

p82Make a binocular mirror mount

p84Make a binocular parallelogram mount

p88Make a multi-camera stand

p92Make a Dobsonian mount


p102Make a laptop imaging centre

p112Make an all-sky camera enclosure