13 top astronomy and space gifts

Our pick of some of the best gifts for astronomy and space fans.

Are you on the hunt for a gift for the astronomy or space fan in you life? Get inspired with our gift guide, featuring some of the best bits of astro gear that caught our attention in 2019.


Space Swirl Colour Pencils

Space Swirl pencils

These 10 two-tone pencils are decorated with NASA images of deep space. Use them to draw the purple and pink Butterfly Nebula or the black and white clouds of the Milky Way.


Moon playing cards

Moon playing cards

A 54-card deck featuring the phases of the Moon, lunar eclipses and Apollo lunar modules.


Planetarium Postcards

Planetarium Postcards Gift

A collection of 50 postcards featuring Chris Wormell’s illustrations of space, feature int eSun and the Solar System to the Milky Way and beyond.



Celestial chart tote bag

Celestial tote bag

Take your love of astronomy to the shops with a tote bag decorated with a chart of the night sky and Milky Way. 100 per cent natural cotton.


Star globe

Star Globe

Assemble your own star globe to see the stars every night. The stylish black and white design looks good during the day, then at night the stars glow in the dark.



Planetarium Coasters

Plantarium coasters

Bring the cosmos to your coffee table. This set of nine coasters features a stylised and colourful depiction of each of the eight main planets and Pluto.



Make Your Own Paper Rockets

Make paper rockets

Ideal for the young or young at heart, this kit has everything you need to create your own paper rockets. Designs include the Vostok K, the Space Shuttle and a 60cm-tall Saturn V.


Haynes Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Edition

Haynes Apollo 11 50th anniversary manual

2019 marked 50 years since humans first set foot on the surface of the Moon. Celebrate with this new edition of the classic Haynes Apollo 11 manual.


Galaxy Foldable Umbrella

Galaxy Umbrella

Even if the rain rolls in, you can still keep stargazing thanks to this umbrella, decorated with the image of a spiral galaxy.


Night Sky Star Chart Glasses

Star chart glasses

One of these stemless wine glasses is decorated with a chart of the winter sky, while the other depicts summer’s stars. Bottom’s up!


The Desktop Planetarium

Desktop Planetarium

Keep track of planetary motions with this armillary sphere kit, made from concentric cardboard rings and foam rubber planets.


Lunt 6×30 mini sunoculars

Lunt Mini Sunocculars

Take a safe look at the Sun using these 6×30 ‘SUNoculars’. Their small size makes them perfect for travel, allowing you to keep watch for sunspots from across the globe.


Mini Solar System

Mini Solar System

These 3cm-diameter, 3D-printed worlds accurately depict the surface colouration of all eight planets plus Pluto.