Are you on the hunt for a gift for the astronomy or space fan in your life? Get inspired with our gift guide, featuring some of the best bits of astro gear that's caught our attention so far this year.


From astronomy gadgets to nifty space-related toys and memorabilia, this is our wish list for lovers of all things astronomy.

We've made sure to cover budget space and astronomy gifts for Secret Santa purchases and those tightening the purse strings, as well as more high-end offers for those looking to splurge on a loved one or picking up a treat for themselves.

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27 space and astronomy gifts


Moon phases enamel badge

moon phase enamel pin

This decorative enamel pin shows the changing phases of the Moon as seen from Earth, as sunlight illuminates the lunar surface causing its appearance to change from new Moon through its waxing phase to full Moon, then back through the waning phases to new Moon again.

The brooch is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant and measures 2.8cm in diameter, making for a decorative piece of jewellery that shows off the wearer's love of our celestial companion. Perfect for your next moongazing session or star party.


Mae Jemisox

Chatty Feet Mae Jemisox

In September 1992, NASA astronaut Mae Jemison became the first African American women to travel into space as a mission specialist aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour. Pay tribute to Jemison's achievement and her contribution to human spaceflight with a pair of these bright and colourful socks.

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Jeasona space socks

jeasona men space socks

Featuring rockets, astronauts, ringed planets and stars, these socks are just the thing for astronomers and space fans.


Moon phase pin

Moon Phase Pin

Birthday? Anniversary? Your favourite telescope’s first light? Whatever the occasion, commemorate your special date with a glow-in-the-dark pin depicting the phase of the Moon on that day. Comes with note card to write your loved one a message.

More like this

Space Swirl Colour Pencils

Space Swirl pencils

These 10 two-tone pencils are decorated with NASA images of deep space. Use them to draw the purple and pink Butterfly Nebula or the black and white clouds of the Milky Way.


Earth and Space 100 postcards

earth and space 100 postcards

A chunky selection of 100 postcards showing incredible astro imagery captured by NASA observatories and probes. Great for framing and mounting, or for keeping aside for those quick ‘thank you’ notes.


Fizz Creations space string lights

Planet Lights

Decorate your room and discover the Solar System with this string of LED lights, which features the Sun, all eight major planets and Pluto. Requires two AA batteries.


Night Sky Underground Map Mug

Night Sky Underground Map Mug

Navigate nebulae, constellations and planets with this mug that features a map of the London Underground with station names replaced by celestial features.


Moon playing cards

Moon playing cards

A 54-card deck featuring the phases of the Moon, lunar eclipses and Apollo lunar modules.


Star mug

Space Mug

While on the shelf, this mug shows a starry sky. But fill it up with hot tea or coffee to keep you going through the night and you’ll reveal six of the best-known constellations hidden among them.


Planetarium Postcards

Planetarium Postcards Gift

This collection of 50 postcards features Chris Wormell's illustrations of space and was produced in collaboration with astronomer and writer Raman Prinja. The illustrations feature the Sun, the Solar System, the planets, the Milky Way, planet Earth's most famous ground-based and space telescopes, views of comets and incredible exoplanets.

Each postcard comes with a short description on the back so that you - and the recipient - know exactly what you're looking at. These make for great decorative pieces that could be grouped together and framed, and come in handy when you need to pen a quick note to a friend or fellow astronomer.


Celestial chart tote bag

Celestial tote bag

Take your love of astronomy to the shops with a tote bag decorated with a chart of the night sky and Milky Way. 100 per cent natural cotton.


NASA jigsaws

NASA 1000 piece jigsaw

Piece together the Universe bit by bit with these officially licensed 1,000-piece NASA jigsaws, which come in three designs, each depicting a different nebula as imaged using the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Moon jigsaw

The Moon Jigsaw

Can you tell your Tycho crater from your Copernicus crater? Challenge your knowledge of the lunar surface by assembling this circular 100-piece puzzle of a high-resolution image of the full Moon, taken from NASA’s archives.


Stars pinhole constellation cards

Stars pinhole constellation cards

Knowing the constellations is vital for astronomers navigating around the night sky. These pin-hole cards, featuring 20 of the best constellations, will help you learn their shapes, while the accompanying book teaches you their mythology and history.


Star globe

Star Globe

Assemble your own star globe to see the stars every night. The stylish black and white design looks good during the day, then at night the stars glow in the dark.


Build your own cardboard telescope kit

Build your own Telescope

With all the lenses, mirrors and other parts needed to build your own cardboard telescope, this kit is a great way to teach budding astronomers how telescopes work. Importantly, it also leaves you with your own scope to begin exploring the night sky.


Starry Night Music Box

Crazyfly DIY Assemble Music Box

A DIY-assemble mechanical music box that shows planets orbiting the Sun.


Make Your Own Paper Rockets

Space Racers: Make Your Own Paper Rockets

Ideal for the young or young at heart, this kit has everything you need to create your own paper rockets. Designs include the Vostok K, the Space Shuttle and a 60cm-tall Saturn V.

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BBC Sky at Night Magazine subscription

BBC Sky at Night Magazine December 2022 issue social media

Help your giftee keep up to date with the latest observing advice, astronomy guides and space news with a subscription to BBC Sky at Night Magazine. UK readers can get 6 issues for £9.99 when they sign up to subscribe via the Buy Subscriptions website.


Haynes Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Edition

Haynes Apollo 11 50th anniversary manual

2019 marked 50 years since humans first set foot on the surface of the Moon. Celebrate with this new edition of the classic Haynes Apollo 11 manual.


The Desktop Planetarium

Desktop Planetarium

Keep track of planetary motions with this armillary sphere kit, made from concentric cardboard rings and foam rubber planets.


Lunt 6x30 mini sunoculars

Lunt Mini Sunocculars

Take a safe look at the Sun using these 6x30 ‘SUNoculars’. Their small size makes them perfect for travel, allowing you to keep watch for sunspots from across the globe.


Planets in Time

Planets in Time

Every day is unique, so why not commemorate those most special to you with a custom print that captures the position of the planets on any given date? Planets in Time uses NASA data to work out the orbits, before creating a 50cm x 50cm print on high-quality art paper.


Moon astronomical globe

Moon globe

Learn your way around the Moon’s surface with the help of this lunar globe. It depicts all the major craters and mountains of the lunar surface, as well as the Apollo landing sites, and measures 30cm across.

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Mini Solar System

Mini Solar System

These 3cm-diameter, 3D-printed worlds accurately depict the surface colouration of all eight planets plus Pluto.


Landfall 3D moon images

Landfall 3d moon map

These 3D maps are created using the natural topography of the Moon to shape beautiful lunar images. Each is made to order, so you can choose your favourite lunar landmark to transform into a work of art.