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Best Moon globes and lamps

A selection of the best lunar globes and Moon lights.

Published: March 1, 2022 at 9:30 am
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We all remember the 3D Earth globes from our geography classes at school, but I wonder how many of our classrooms had a 3D Moon globe.


3D Moon globes and night lamps are a favourite gadget for fans of astronomy and spaceflight, and they can make a great gift for children, or even an accurate visual reference for lunar observers.

What's more, many of the best and most accurate Moon globes contain detailed surface features of both the nearside and the farside of the Moon, giving the vast majority of us the only chance we'll get to see the face of the Moon not visible from Earth.

Many Moon globes also pinpoint the landing sites of the Apollo missions, making them a an interesting reference for spaceflight history too.

Moon lamps make a good night light for children, and recently we've also seen the emergence of floating Moon lamps, which levitate untethered above their stand and can be spun with the flick of a finger.

Below is our pick of some of the best Moon globes and night lights from online retailers.


Replogle Luna Globe

replogle moon globe

This detailed lunar globe measures 30cm across and weighs 700g, making it a fairly substantial, sturdy desk ornament for lunar observers and lovers of our celestial neighbour.

But the globe also serves as a handy reference guide, detailing lunar maria, craters, mountains and other surface features on both the near side and the farside of the Moon.

It even shows Apollo landing sites, making it a great reference for those interested in spaceflight history and the crewed moonlandings.

It’s large enough to be able to make out the details and labelled features, making it also a good guide for observing features on the surface of the Moon either with the naked eye or a telescope.


National Geographic Moon Globe

national geographic moon globe model 30cm

This detailed lunar globe from National Geographic features depictions of features on the surface of the Moon, including seas and craters, easily decipherable given the colour differentiation. It also lights up via an internal LED, enabling it to double as a lunar night light.


3D-printed lunar globe

Etsy 3d printed moon globe

This 3D-printed Moon globe measures just 7cm across, making it among the smallest on our list, but what it lacks in size, in makes up for in the incredible detail on its surface.

It's also hand-painted for extra attention to detail. There are no labelled surface features on this model: instead it's a realistic recreation of the Moon using data captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.


E.T. Moon lamp

ET moon lamp

OK, so this is by no means an accurate depiction of the Moon with labelled lunar surface features, but we couldn't help including this amazing model recreation of one of the most iconic moments in film history.

This illuminated globe depicts the famous scene in Steven Spielberg's 1982 sci-fi classic E.T., when the eponymous alien and his terrestrial companion Elliot fly in front of the Moon, casting a silhouette against the bright lunar disc.

The Moon is battery-powered, meaning it's not tethered to a plug cord, and features a moveable E.T. and Elliot, should you wish to recreate the famous scene yourself.


Levitating Moon lamp

levitating moon lamp

This lunar globe features a magnetic levitating Moon that’s suspended without the need for cables or physical support, meaning it can be spun and twirled while floating above its stand.

3D-printed using astronomical data, the levitating Moon include accurate depictions of lunar surface details like seas and crater.

It’s also powered by electromagnetic induction, which means it’s cordless and doesn’t require batteries.

The Moon can be switched on to operate as a lamp, and so it can double as a night light for children and young lunar astronomers.


Levitating Moon lamp with wooden base

levitating walnut moon lamp model

Levitating Moon lamps are a much sought-after gadget these days, and this one is constructed using biodegradable ‘plastic’ of corn starch and other materials, meaning it can eventually be broken down as compost.

The wooden walnut base contains a magnet that causes the lunar globe to levitate. It shines in three different light modes: warm white, white and warm yellow.


Metal Moon Globe

metal moon globe

This metal Moon globe is 30cm wide, constructed in aluminium and brass and features 3D surface details so you can feel the lunar topography with the tips of your fingers.

It's handmade and produced using NASA lunar data for accuracy, and the craters and surface features are also labelled by hand, to make it a useful reference tool too.


Customised nameplates are available and each globe is individually numbered, making this a great gift for serious lunar aficionados.

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