8 gifts for kids who love astronomy and space

Searching for a little something for a young astro enthusiast? Our cosmic kids' gift guide may have exactly what you're looking for.

If you’re on the hunt for space-themed presents for children and young astronomers, take inspiration from our kids’ gift guide.


Mars glass marble

Mars Marble

Keep the Red Planet in your pocket with this mini Mars marble. The tiny globe measures 1 an inch across and depicts the Martian mountains and icecaps.


Moon Trumps

Moon Trumps

Which of our Solar System’s moons is the biggest? Takes the longest time to orbit? Has the highest potential for life? Find out by using these cards to pit 36 moons against each other in a game of top trumps.


Shuttle 3D puzzle

Space Shuttle 3D puzzle

Build your own Space Shuttle. The pieces of this 3D puzzle slot together without glue, so that you can either keep the finished model or dismantle it to build all over again.


Solarcan solar camera

Solar Can solar camera

Take amazing photographs of the Sun as it travels across the sky over the course of several weeks, or even months. No development or chemicals are required as the Sun’s light burns its image directly onto photographic paper.


Laika cuddly toy dog

Laika Toy dog

Street dog Laika (‘little barker’ in Russian) helped pave the way for human spaceflight when she flew onboard Sputnik-2 in 1957. Though she didn’t make it back to Earth, you can continue her legacy by giving this toy to the next generation of spacefarers.


Apollo 11 Moon lander

Lego Apollo 11 moon lander

Recreate Armstrong and Aldrin’s legendary moonwalk using Lego’s new Apollo 11 lunar lander set. The 1,087-piece set features a detailed replica of the Eagle lander on the Moon’s surface, complete with mini-footprints and US flag.


Homestar Original Planetarium

Homestar Original Planetarium

Bring the Milky Way to your home with this planetarium projector. Swap the image disc to change the view or enjoy your own personal meteor shower with the shooting star function.


Saturn V Lego Set

Saturn V Lego

Construct your own Saturn V rocket, complete with lunar lander and command capsule. The kit uses an apt 1,969 pieces and the finished rocket stands over 1m tall.