You can build anything with Lego – even the sky’s not the limit.


Create spacecraft of your own creation with an army of minifigure astronauts, or set up your own space station to explore the Galaxy.

Lego has hundreds of space themed sets that will suit all ages, all with detailed instructions telling you how to build them.

Whether you’re looking for a Lego set for kids to play with or a more challenging build that will one day become a beautiful display item, there’s a wealth of Lego sets to choose from.

If real-life spaceflight is what appeals, there are dozens of options based on actual space vehicles, including NASA rovers, Space Shuttles and the Saturn V, as well as the International Space Station.

For those looking for a science-fiction Lego set, there are plenty of options.

As well as many sets created by the company themselves, there are sets featuring classic ships and locations from popular franchises such as Star Wars, the MCU and more.

Here is our list of all the best Lego space sets you can buy today.

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Best space themed Lego for kids

Duplo Town space mission rocket

Pieces: 23

Model No: 10944

Kids will love exploring the Solar System with this fun and funky Duplo set.

The larger bricks and rounder edges means they’re safe for children aged 2+, and help younger children develop their hand eye co-ordination, as well as thinking and problem solving skills.

A simplified design makes it fun for younger kids to assemble (or to ‘help’ while you set it up for them).

The set comes with a rocket, a launch tower, a mini rover and two astronauts armed with a spanner and flag, ready for whatever their next big adventure might throw at them.

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Benny’s Space Squad

Pieces: 68

Model No: 70841

If you’re going on a space adventure, you’ll want your own space squad to join you.

This team of four astronauts (plus robot) is led by the loveable Benny from Lego The Movie and its sequel.

The design of these minifigures is based on the classic 1980s Lego space explorers, delivering a double dose of nostalgia for those of us who played with this set as children.

With these guys and a little imagination, you can always build a spaceship.

City Mars rover testing drive

Pieces: 202

Model No: 60225

This Lego vehicle is inspired by the concept lunar rovers designed by NASA, the descendants of which could one day help humans explore the surface of Mars.

The set comes with everything you need to explore the Martian surface, including geological tools, solar panels, a robot arm and even comes with colourful geodes to help you create your own version of the Martian surface at home.

Comes with two minifigures – an astronaut ready to explore the surface, and an engineer to help from back on Earth.

Suitable for ages 5+.

3-in-1 Lego Mining Mech

Pieces: 327

Model No: 31115

Explore the surface of an alien world, looking for crystals to mine and making friends with local wildlife with this kit.

The set comes with instructions for 3 different creations – a cargo carrier and two different mining mechs – all using the same pieces, encouraging you to build, dismantle and rebuild your sets and perhaps even add your own flair to the set design.

Suitable for ages 7+.

Olivia's Space Academy

Pieces: 757

Model No: 41713

Send Oliva along with her fellow astronauts out into the cosmos from the Lego Friends Space Academy.

The set comes with everything you need to train up to become an astronaut - an observatory decorated with the constellations, a human (or minifigure) gyroscope to train your body for zero-g and an orrery to study the motion of the planets.

Once you're all trained up, get seated in the Space Shuttle (complete with movable robot arm) while your your friends head over to mission control to send you on your way to the stars.

Comes with multiple accessories and four friends figures - two dressed as astronauts, and two technicians.

Chang’e Moon cake factory

Pieces: 609

Model No: 80032

Based on legends of the Chinese lunar goddess, Chang’e, and her companion the Jade rabbit Yutu, this set lets you take a quick bunny hop around the lunar surface (you might even recognise the names from China’s Chang’e Moon missions).

The set features a rabbit-eared roving vehicle as well as a carrot shaped rocket to help you deliver Moon cakes – a traditional pastry associated with a lunar festival.

Comes with a minifigure of Chang’e herself, as well as a rabbit astronaut, pig warrior, a cat and two bunny companions.

City Space Port Rocket Assembly and Transport

Pieces: 1055

Model No: 60229

Prepare for launch and create your own Lego Kennedy Space Center with this set that comes with a variety of tools, figures and vehicles to set up your own rocket assembly facility.

Work on a six-wheeled rover in the lab, using the rotatable robot arm and raising platform to make your final adjustments before sending it off to Mars.

Then, craft your multistage rocket and send it off to the launch pad on the back of a transport crawler, overseeing the whole process from the control room.

Comes with seven minifigures, including astronauts, engineers, a clean room technician and a helpful robot.

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Best space themed Lego for adults

International Space Station

Pieces: 864

Model No: 21321

Not only is this Lego International Space Station a great showpiece, you can also learn about the ISS’s construction while assembling it.

The design is closely based on the real station’s construction, with the same proportions, docking ports and solar panel arrangement.

In addition, the assembly booklet telling you how to build the set is peppered with interesting facts about the ISS.

This set is accompanied by a mini Space Shuttle and several satellites that can be manoeuvred by the posable CanadArm2, allowing you to create your own vignette of the ISS in action.

Space Shuttle and Hubble Space Telescope

Pieces: 2354

Model No: 10283

This set gives you two iconic spacecraft for the price of one - a Lego Space Shuttle and a Hubble Space Telescope.

The main shuttle comes complete with cargo bay doors that swing open, allowing you to place fit your Lego Hubble perfectly inside.

Alternatively, you can unfurl the space telescopes wings and have the two flying side on the stands provided (made, of course, from Lego)

Millennium Falcon

Pieces: 1351

Model no: 75257

Want to attempt complete the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs?

Then you’ll need to get yourself a Millennium Falcon from amongst the many Lego Star Wars kits on offer.

With hidden compartments, this Corellian frigate is any space smugglers first choice, while the rotating gun turrets with spring-loaded rocket shooters are bound to be helpful when you find yourself in a tight spot with the Imperial forces.

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Comes with seven minifigures including Chewbacca, R2-D2, C3PO, Lando Calrissian and Finn.

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The Guardian's ship

Pieces: 1901

Model No: 76193

Put on your favourite '80s mixtape and get ready to assemble your team of misfits as you complete this spacecraft from The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The ship mounts on a rotating base allowing you to display it in a dynamic pose, while the hanger opens up to allow you access to the ship.

Comes with minifigures of Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Racoon, Mantis, Thor and a Chitauri warror.

Saturn V rocket

Pieces: 1969

Model No: 92176

Shoot for the Moon with this Lego Saturn V rocket.

The set was released in commemoration of 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, its 1,969 pieces a subtle nod to the year of the launch.

The set assembles to form a the full rocket in its launch configuration, though each stage is detachable.

The final stage even hides its own surprise – a scale model of the Eagle lander folded up inside.

Either leave it in place there; simulate the extraction procedure and mount it on the nose of the crew module; or set it up alongside the three astronaut minifigures on a simulated lunar surface.

Once assembled this 1:110 model stands over 1m tall and can either balance on its end or lie horizontally on three display stands (which, in my experience, fits perfectly across a mantle piece).

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Classic 1,500-piece brick set

Pieces: 1,500

Model No: 10717

With a little imagination, you can build anything you want – but it helps if you have a bucket of Lego. You could use it to create an armada of spaceships.

Or a craft a space base with an alien landscape.

The possibilities are endless.

This box comes with 1,500 pieces in a wide array of colours and sizes to help start your Lego collection, or add to the one you’ve already been cultivating.

If you're looking for a little inspiration as to what to build then why not look at the designs created by BBC Sky at Night Magazine's art editor Steve Marsh (aka Rubblemaker), who has designed epic Star Wars ships like this Rebel Alliance Corvus, as well as alien landscapes and even a set of guitar pedals.


If you do have any Lego space creations of your own, we'd love to see them. Send them to or share via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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