One of the best things about welcoming a newborn baby into your life and home is deciding what to dress them in each morning.


Nowadays parents, guardians, uncles, aunts and grandparents alike are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing clothes for babies and kids.

From cute onesies and baby grows to toddlers' pyjamas and summertime t-shirts, there's a variety of choice available on the high street and online.

And as babies and toddlers are only just beginning to acquire interests of their own, this means it's up to grown-ups to decide what their little one is going to wear that day.

For astronomy and space fans, there are so many wonderful designs of baby grows, onesies, romper suits and cute dungarees to choose from.

A plethora of baby and kids' clothes exist online and on the high street featuring cute images of rockets, planets, stars, astronauts and other space-themed designs.

We've picked out a selection of some of the best space and astronomy clothes for babies, toddlers and kids available online.

For more gift ideas read our guides to the best space toys for kids, space and astronomy socks and best astronaut costumes.

Space-themed clothes for babies and kids

Rocket and astronaut tracksuit

space rocket tracksuit

This tracksuit features astronauts, the planets of the Solar System, rockets and stars printed over a black background, making for a comfy jumper / trouser set for kids who are fans of spaceflight and astronomy.

Warm clothing like this is essential for long nights spent outside stargazing in the dark autumn and winter months, so if your little one is interested in astronomy, this could be a great option for keeping them toasty while they're observing the night sky. The set also comes in other non-space-themed designs.

Lift-the-flap rocket jumper

john lewis boden rocket jumper

This jumper from Boden features a cute Space Shuttle-style rocket travelling through the Solar System, with flaps on both the rocket and Jupiter revealing what's going on underneath the surface.

NASA Shuttle longsleeve top

new look nasa worm shuttle jumpter

Celebrate the era of the Space Shuttle with this kids' long-sleeve top, featuring the image of a Shuttle launching into space and NASA's iconic worm logo.

Rocket and planets vest and shorts set

H&M rocket vest shorts
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A matching vest and shorts set with a colourful pattern featuring rockets, planets and stars, available for toddlers and young children.

Space organic dungarees

space organic dungarees sprout

Is there anything cuter than a pair of kids' dungarees? This adorable set features a space-based design printed on organic cotton jersey. It also features adjustable straps so the wearer doesn't grow out of them too quickly!

YoungSoul rocket sweatpants

youngsoul rocket sweatpants

Various line-drawing rocket designs adorn this pair of comfy sweatpants - or jogging bottoms - featuring a fastening drawstring and side pockets. The bottoms come in a loose fit, making them both comfortable and unrestrictive. These are a great option for kids who like to be outside on cold winter nights looking up at the stars.

More like this

4-pack space trainer socks

new look nasa socks

We just had to include this cute 4-pack of kids' socks featuring NASA logos, planets and a Space Shuttle firing out rainbow jets. Some kids' clothing designs are just irresistible for parents!

navy rocket applique hat

JoJo Maman Bébé are known amongst parents for their cute, well-made designs and this rocket hat would certainly do the job of keeping tiny tots warm and cosy on a winter's night. The wool hat is fitted with a fleece lining and ear flaps that can be secured with a tie under the chin.

Space-themed baby grows and onesies

Astronaut jumpsuit romper

baby astronaut jumpsuit orange

The orange suit worn by NASA Space Shuttle astronauts is almost as iconic as the Shuttle itself. And though it’s not an official NASA product, this baby romper is clearly modelled on the famous Shuttle-era suit.

The astronaut romper and jumpsuit features the requisite easy-undo poppers for quick nappy changes and for slipping it on and off, but the suit is also soft and comfy, affording the wearer comfort while also enabling them to appear as though they could blast off to the International Space Station at any minute.

Fabric Flavours NASA baby grow

Fabric Flavours NASA baby grow

Fly the flag for NASA with this snuggly blue baby grow featuring planets, stars, comets and the famous NASA logo.

Science Museum space-themed baby romper

science museum space baby romper

This cosy baby romper from the Science Museum is made from 100% cotton and features cartoon drawings of a spacewalking astronaut, planets, stars and an artificial satellite. It's also machine washable, which, as every parent knows, is a god-send!

3-pack space baby romper jumpsuits

3 pack space baby romper jump suits

3 separate baby romper jumpsuits with planet and spaceman designs are included in this collection. The suits are cotton blend and feature stretchable cuffs that can fold over the wearer's hands to keep them nice and toasty, or prevent scratching during nap times.

Kids Rocket Ship Take Off Babygrow

Kids Rocket Ship Take Off Babygrow

3...2...1... take off! This cute baby romper features a cartoon rocket lifting off into space. The romper is made from 100% cotton and features those all-important poppers for quick nappy changes.


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