Playmobil is one of the world's most popular children’s toy manufacturers, and of their many hundreds of sets, there are several space-themed kids' toys available.


As the toys feature large pieces and rounded edges, Playmobil toys are suitable for children aged 3 and up, while the Playmobil 1-2-3 range is suitable for children above 18 months.

The Playmobil Space range features several sets that are based on the designs of real space rockets and rovers that might one day be used to explore our neighbouring worlds.

Though humanity is pushing further out into the cosmos, it will be the next generation that will be the first to set foot on these worlds, meaning that a child pretending to explore the surface of Mars or Europa with a Playmobil rover could one day be the first human to walk on Mars.

However, if you’re looking for a kid's space toy with a more fantastical bent, then the Galaxy Police series, which pits the titular cosmic coppers against the dastardly Galaxy Pirates, might be more your speed.

Here we list our top picks of space-themed Playmobil sets.

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Playmobil Space sets

Playmobil Space Mars research vehicle

With these Playmobil sets, any floor or table can be transformed into the surface of an alien world.

Head outside and explore the surface of Mars with your Playmobil astronauts in this space rover.

The rover has a removable roof, allowing access to the spacious interior so that your astronauts can journey across the surface in comfort and style.

Comes with a movable robot arm to help your astronaut in their work on the planet’s surface, as well as missile projectiles to fend off any hostile alien life.

Light up LEDs and sound effects help to enhance the play experience (requires 2xAAA batteries).

Comes with over 70 accessories, including scientific tools, computers, crystals and a single astronaut figure dressed in a removable spacesuit - ready to go exploring.

Playmobil Mars space station

The Mars space station has a lift off roof, allowing your little astronauts to move around inside the main body, or use one of the two cylindrical modules – one set up for science, the other for living.

Lighting and sound effects (supplied with the addition of two AAA batteries) help fuel the imagination and create an immersive play experience.

The set comes with three figures – two humans decked out in removable spacesuits and an adorable robot companion – as well as 183 additional accessories including tools, food and drink, alien crystals and solar panels.

Playmobil Space mission rocket with launch site

Set a course for adventure with this space mission rocket and launch tower.

The main rocket comes with both a crew shuttle and a cargo ship that can be swapped out to best suit whatever scenario your children want to create, while lights and sound in the engines help to create the illusion of firing on launch.

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The launch tower features a movable service platform, including cherry-picker baskets that can swivel around into a prime position for your engineers so that they can give the rocket a thorough inspection before launch.

Comes with three additional figures - two engineers and an astronaut.

Playmobile astronaut figures

Playmobil Space astronaut training gift set

Becoming an astronaut doesn’t just happen overnight – it takes years of dedication, training and work.

And there’s no reason that your make-believe astronauts should have to skip over that with this set.

As well as a single astronaut figure, the set comes with a spacesuit on a stand, an exercise bike, tools and multiple other accessories that can help your plastic space explorer prepare for launch.

Playmobil Space Mars rover

Get ready to roam with this astronaut, who comes with their own Mars rover ready to explore the surface.

The rover has its own storage compartment, which can house the tools and glowing blue space rock samples that come with this set.

Playmobil 123 astronaut with rocket

This rocket and astronaut set is specifically designed for the littlest of space enthusiasts.

The rounded edges, bright colours and no small parts mean it is safe for children aged 18 months and up.

Has a detachable roof so you can place your astronaut into and out of the rocket.

Playmobil astronaut and robot

Want even more companions to join you on your space journey?

This set includes both a human astronaut and a smaller robot companion to keep them company on their adventures.

Comes with accessories including a grabber tool and a crystal to help decorate your alien landscape.

Playmobil space ranger

Maintaining law and order in the Galaxy, this space ranger is ready for action.

Dressed in a spacesuit with adjustable visor, armed with a space cannon and harpoon.

Playmobil space exploration

Galaxy Pirates helicopter

Stage your own epic space chases with this set, which includes both a pair of Galaxy Pirates in their attack helicopter and a Galaxy policeman on a hover board.

The projectile missiles and spinning discs give both sides the tools your imagination needs to help create an epic space caper, but who will win the battle?

Well that’s up to you.

Comes with two space pirates and a Galaxy police officer as well as two vehicles plus accessories.

Galaxy Police glider

Help the Galaxy police chase down space pirates with this set.

Either pile both your police officers into their hover car, or set one rocketing after the criminals on their space boots.

Comes with flashing lights.

Playmobil USS Enterprise

Recreate your favourite episodes of Star Trek, the Original Series with this Playmobil version of the USS Enterprise.

The dish opens up to reveal the iconic bridge, including a full cast of figures with Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov (plus a few tribbles hiding in the corner).

A second panel on the side of the main opens up to reveal the engine room.

There are lights throughout the model, from the glowing engines to the shining windows and also includes several sound effects such as the warp drive, torpedoes and red alert klaxon.


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