Whether you’re organising a space themed party for kids, looking for a gift for an astronomer or just want a cosmic treat for yourself, you’ll want to take a look through these space sweets.


Space has always been a popular source of inspiration when it comes to naming confectionary, and there are plenty of sweets, candy and chocolate bars named after space out there – Mars bar, Milky Way, Galaxy, Starburst, Orbit and Starmix, to name just a few.

But while these might bear the names of your favourite planet or galaxy, the cosmic connection doesn’t go much further.

Fortunately, there are lots of space sweets out there which are shaped like rockets, planets and astronauts and we’ve scoured the internet to find enough options to fill a sweet shop.

Cosmic confectionary is a great choice for a space-themed gift and with this list there are plenty of space-themed candy options to ensure you can find something to your giftee's (or your own taste).

Read on for out list of the best space sweets.

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Best Space sweets

Space Mix Sweets

Get your sugar fix with this retro space mix of sweets.

Whether you’re looking for a treat for the grandkids or a candy for yourself, these space-themed gummies, which look like astronauts, a rocket and a ringed planet, are a cute and delicious option.

These gummy rockets are long lasting and shelf stable – even once opened – so you won’t have to worry about them going off before you can get through the whole 2kg bulk-buy sweet bag.

Great option for a kids space-themed birthday party or just to have around the house as a reward when teaching them about the night sky.

Flying saucers

King of the retro sweets – the flying saucer.

Made from sherbet and rice paper, they are naturally dairy free, gluten free, fat free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians making them suitable for people with a variety of dietary needs.

The set comes in a reusable gift jar that wouldn't look out of place in a traditional sweet shop will help keep them dry and crisp. It comes wrapped with a decorative ribbon, making these a brilliant space-themed gift.

The small size makes them great for children’s birthday parties or as a treat you can dip into whenever you fancy a dose of sherbet.

Best space chocolate

Chocolate astronaut and rocket

Handmade by UK based chocolatiers, Cambridge Chocolates, these chunky chocolate pair features a solid Belgian chocolate astronaut and their rocket.

You can decide if you want milk or white chocolate, a mix of the two, and even dairy-free chocolate for lactose-intolerant space fans.

You can even add a personalised greeting label, making this a great gift to send in the post to a distant space-enthusiast you might not be able to see face to face.

Space personalised chocolate bar

This delicious milk chocolate bar comes with a beautiful wrapper decorated with the planets of the Solar System and zooming rockets.

You can personalise the bar with a name or short message up to 15 characters long, making it a great gift for a space obsessed child, or as a present for an adult.

Martin's chocolate truffle planets

When looking for a gift, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolates, and with these planet chocolate truffles from UK-based Martin's Chocolatier you can fuel their love for space as well.

There are nine handmade truffles, the outer shells of which are coloured and textured to resemble the eight major planets of the Solar System as well as the Sun.

Each is made from 100 per cent Belgian chocolate and filled with a different flavoured truffle filling with flavours including orange, chilli/cherry ganache and praline.

These refined chocolates come in a cardboard presentation box that’s just as beautiful as the confections themselves, making them a great option for an adult astronomer with a sweet tooth.

Space sweet accessories

Astronaut cake topper set

Transform any cake into a space themed one with this cake topper set, which features three astronaut figurines and several cardboard space themed decorations featuring planets, rockets and stars.

Though set is not edible, but is made from food grade card and wooden sticks.

Comes with three astronaut figurines that you can keep as a memento of the day or reuse when you have another space themed birthday party.

3… 2… 1… get ready for blast off and release your inner astronaut with this rocket cookie cutter.

Create your own fleet of rocket biscuits with this spaceship shaped tool that measures 10.2cm in length.

Match up with stars or moon shaped cutters to create your own Universe of a space themed biscuit.

Rocket lolly moulds

A sunny day might be rare in the UK, which is why you need to take the chance to make them out of this world when they do happen.

Ice lollies are a classic of the British summer, and with these rocket shaped ice lolly moulds you can not only make them in whatever flavour you like, but do so with a space themed twist.

Just add your choice of juice or squash, and then put them in the freezer for a few hours and you’ll be ready to take off into the summer sky.

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