Multitasking equipment

Meade LX600-ACF 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain
Published: May 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Astronomy equipment often contains so much technology that you can be forgiven for being confused as to what is needed for your telescope or mount to work properly.


For example, if you have a good optical tube assembly, OTA, then you will need to have a good mount to go with it.

Add to this mix the large variety of accessories that cover imaging and soon you have so much equipment that you may need to look for another property to store it all!

This is why it's good to see that some items are being integrated into single units saving on space and time.

Take for example this month’s Tried and Tested review of the QSI 683 WSG-8.

It combines a high quality CCD with a filter wheel into one unit saving you the hassle of assembling two units and having to make sure they are compatible.

We are also seeing Apochromatic Refractors combined with flat field and/or focal reducers into one OTA as seen in the William Optics GTF 102 reviewed by Steve Richards this month.

One wonders how far this can go but I would personally like to see many SCT and Maksutov compound telescopes come with an integrated dewshield, just as you tend to find now with many refractors.


Finally, Pete Lawrence certainly had his hands full when he tested the Meade LX600 ACF 12-inch UHTC Schmidt-Cassegrain and heroically battled the poor weather we've been having to bring you his report so make sure you grab your copy of the magazine this month.


Paul Money is an experienced astronomer, BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Reviews Editor and author of the annual stargazing guide Nightscenes.

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