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BBC Sky at Night Magazine's Reviews Editor, Paul Money, discusses the latest astro equipment news

Published: September 17, 2013 at 12:00 pm

It always amazes me how often manufacturers are refining, tweaking and improving their astro equipment.


Take our mount reviews for example.

It’s fair to say that Equatorial style mounts have pretty much had the same configuration for years, the German Equatorial Mount (GEM).

The innovation has usually come in the form of sophisticated GoTo computerisation, or beefing up the mount so it can handle larger telescopes or more accessories such as CCD's or the latest DSLR's.

Yet occasionally someone does something different that makes you think, “Why didn't that happen ages ago?”

In this month's reviews, Steve Richards explores the virtues of iOptron's latest innovative mount, the ZEQ25GT.

It looks as if it's been assembled the wrong way round and yet it is a variation of the GEM, so I'll leave Steve to tell you all about it in the review.

In the meantime, despite the proliferation of GoTo Dobsonians, it's refreshing to see that the original concept of providing a large 'light bucket' at an affordable price is still being upheld.

Martin Lewis took the Revelation 16" f/4.5 M-CRF Truss Dobsonian on a tour of the night sky for us while Pete Lawrence had the enjoyable task of trying out Celestron's newest CCD, the Nightscape 8300 CCD.


This month's issue has got something for everyone, enjoy!

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