5 planets aligning

5 Planets Alignment & The Moon 01-30-2016, 06:13am EST
outside of Warrenton, Virginia 
Canon 6D DSLR, 8mm fisheye Lens, Slightly Cropped  ISO 800, 8 second exposure,

John Chumack

Warrenton, Virginia

Canon 6D DSLR & 8mm Fisheye Lens, ISO 800, 8 second exposure.

Everyone is talking about the 5 Planets Aligning in the Morning sky,
But I Captured 6 Planets!!! You have to count the Earth too! LOL!!! Earth provides us this perfect view of the Planets Aligning along the Ecliptic..
The Moon joined these Planets at Dawn last Saturday Morning 01-30-2016 at 6:13am E.S.T. from just outside of Warrenton, Virginia. I included the Earth #6 in this slightly cropped fish-eye Lens shot. Just before the clouds started interfering…

I included an illustrated view to help you all ID them, as well as 3 of the brightest stars. you may also recognize the Constellations of Scorpius, Virgo, Libra, and Corvus are easily visible too. Mercury is a challenge as you have to catch it just before dawn gets too bright! You can see Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, & Jupiter with your eyes only, no telescope needed, just use my diagram to help you find them over the next week or so. Look between 6:10am and 6:30am. Note: depending when you look this week, the moon may not be there or may not be in the same place, as it moves 12 degrees every day.