Airplane across the Moon


Christopher Rodgers


Skywatcher 150PL Telescope with EQ3 Mount, Android smartphone.

My Name is Chris Rodgers and I live in a village called Edlington in
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

On a clear night on Monday 14th March 2016, I began to use my Skywatcher
150PL Telescope with EQ3 Mount, to view the moon in a Waxing Crescent.

I had recently bought a Bresser Smartphone Adapter, as I have been taking
photos of the moon using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Smartphone, but
guessing the position of my phone lens onto my Telescope Eyepiece to take
pictures. To be fair the photos have been pretty good, including my Jupiter
ones showing faint images of the gaseous stripes.

However, when I used the phone adapter, it was great to see my image on my
phone screen ready to take, albeit quite a still image from its mount. The
image in question on this occasion was the moon.

Looking up at the moon I noticed an aircraft in the sky going in a direction
that I thought could pass straight across the moon, so I began to video the
image, making slight adjustments to the telescopes position so that the moon
was central to my image on the phone. I was using a 32mm Skywatcher SP
Series Super Plossl Eyepiece, with the Andoid Phone Camera on 1.25 times

With great joy the plane actually pierced right across the image of the
moon, with the jet streams passing afterwards.

I then got the video image and tried to produce a still image of the plane
across the moon.

All this was done on an Android Smartphone. With patience and luck, anything
is possible.

For your information, the plane was a Turkish Airlines A330-300, going from
Istanbul to New York JFK, flying at 36,000 feet