Art meets astronomy at the Royal Photographic Society, Bristol

A series of exhibits and workshops are being held in south Bristol by the Royal Photographic Society that focus on astronomy, spaceflight and how they have influenced our culture.

The Royal Photographic Society's Bristol space is hosting talks and workshops exploring humanity's relationship with the night sky. Credit: Rebecca Faith Photo

If you’re based in Bristol or the surrounding area, you might be interested to hear that the city’s Paintworks event space is hosting a series of exhibitions and workshops exploring humanity’s relationship with the night sky.


The events are being hosted by the Royal Photographic Society at the south Bristol-based Paintworks quarter near Arnos Vale cemetery.

Below is a list of the space-themed workshops taking place in August and September 2019:

Space Steps: The Moon and Beyond

When: 5 July – 29 September

Space Steps marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moonlanding with a look at the role of photography in the mission, featuring historic NASA images and an interactive installation from Monica Alcazar-Duarte.

Workshop: Night Sky Photography First Steps with Lilian Hobbs

When: 31 August 11am-1pm

Photographer Lilian Hobbs hosts an astrophotography workshop, including lessons in how to make star trails using an action camera like a GoPro.

Admission: Standard £6 / £4.50 RPS Members/ concessions

Lilian Hobbs' image of the Moon. Find out how to capture your own astrophotos at Hobbs' workshop. Credit: Lilian Hobbs
Lilian Hobbs’ image of the Moon. Find out how to capture your own astrophotos at Hobbs’ workshop. Credit: Lilian Hobbs

Talk: Space Fashion, Design and Culture

When: 26 September 6.30-7.30pm

Learn how the Space Race impacted fashion, design and culture, and how the era’s inventions and technology are still in use today.

Admission: Standard £4 / £3.50 RPS Members and concessions

Talks and workshops: Distant Light

When: 7 & 8 September

A weekend of artists’ talks and workshops facilitated by Lumen art collective, focused on astronomy and light. Through art, exhibitions, residencies and seminars Lumen aim to raise a dialogue about how humanity understands existence.

Talk: Constructing Space with Jo Bradford

When: 16 September 6.30-7.30pm

Join photographer Jo Bradford to hear the story of her photogram series Constructing Space, from the realisation that she would never be an astronaut to working with meteorites at London’s Natural History Museum.

Admission: £4/ £3.50 RPS Members and concessions


Find out more about the Royal Photographic Society’s events here.