Battle of the Clusters

Battle of the Clusters by Jaspal Chadha, London, UK. Equipment: Sky watcher Espirt 100ED, QHY9M CCD , LRGB, Ioptron CEM60.

Jaspal Chadha


Date: 13/11/2015
Location: London (UK)
Telescope: Sky watcher Espirt 100ED ( 5 element )
LRGB 3 x 300seconds each filter
Mount: Ioptron CEM60

NGC 1528 (Top left)
NGC 1528 is an open cluster with about 165 stars, with the brightest set in the order of magnitude 8.7… It stretches over about 13 year light into space. It has an estimated age of about 300-370 million years ago It is approximately at 1530 years light in away from us.

NGC 1545 (Bottom Right)
NGC 1545 is located in the constellation Perseus an open cluster and Is approximately 2,300 light years away

Other objects
HIP19931 – Carbon Star
Carbon stars, also known as C stars, have carbon/oxygen ratios that are typically four to five times higher than those of normal red giants and show little trace of the light metal oxide bands that are the usual red giant hallmark