Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina

Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina by José J. Chambó, Siding Spring, NSW, Australia. Equipment: Takahashi FSQ-106ED, SBIG STL-1100M

José J. Chambó Bris

Siding Spring (Australia)

Takahashi FSQ-106ED & SBIG STL-1100M

Comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina) imaged on September 17th 2015, with magnitude 6.5 is now observable using binoculars from the South Hemisphere. In this wide field photography the comet is located near the bright star Alpha Lupi into constellation of the Wolf. The coma shows a strong greenish emission of C2, meanwhile its dust tail is projected toward southeast with a longitude of more than 1.5 degrees that ends confusing inside the Milky Way which fills the bottom of image.